International Penis Day: what is celebrated?

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Finally, a kiss on Kiss Day and I’m sure you had even more fun on World Tortilla de Papas Day. But with just a few 2023 calendar pages skipped, the April 26th not only is it Carlitos Bianchi’s birthday, but also the International Penis Day.

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For the Obelisk, for the great national foul? No, and that the Obelisk was able to wake up sheathed in the world’s longest condom on an AIDS day.

How is “Dick Day” celebrated in the United States? Is it true that prostitutes give discounts on that day and there are extravagant promotions in sex shops? it’s here? Will there be a release of balloons with pointed shapes in Plaza de Mayo?

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We consulted the city government about planned memorial activities and Boti tells us: “Oops, I don’t have this information yet. Many people ask me about these problems…”

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones’ “Sticky Fingers,” with its controversial cover, came out on April 23, 1971, three days after Penis Day.

Magali M, who is a bank teller but does her own meat propositions onlyfanscommunicate with this reporter to find out if he can leave a contact and promote discount coupons on photos and videos for the 26th.

Repudiation Lorraine Bobbitt

Due to the proximity of that date, there is talk of a public repudiation of Lorraine Bobbit in Manassas, Virginia, where on June 23, 1993, a woman cut off John Wayne Bobbitt’s penis with a knife while he was sleeping.

In Upper Palermo, it is known, they have opened a sex shop, the only activity of all purchases prohibited to minors under 18 years. Will there be vibrator sales that day? It seems it is.

Will this be the ideal day for men to talk about the ravages of machismo in sexuality?

Will we talk about the anguish of explaining that the penis is not a robot and that this pressure too is a product of Pa-triar-ca-do?

Rather unsubtle author of success connectiongraduation cecilia ce., a sexologist who fills theaters and has thousands of followers on the networks, refers to “penecentrism”.

There is talk of a public repudiation of Lorena Bobbit, famous for cutting off a penis with a knife.​​​

There is talk of a public repudiation of Lorena Bobbit, famous for cutting off a penis with a knife.​​​

Or, graduate? “This affects both performance and insecurities around shape and size… There is no proven technique or treatment that works to enlarge the penis.”

In any case, loving her, he reassures the crew that we might as well boast of a micropenis: sexuality goes far beyond what dick does or doesn’t do.

Oops! “If we could embrace this concept – she adds – the anguish we feel before, during and after meeting the other would disappear”.

The theme is great, but the International Penis Day nothing has anything to do with it. Enveloped by a restlessness that inhabits us, we must admit that his spirit is somewhere between the noble and the solemn.

But what about Penis Day?! Yes, Susana, there is also World Scrabble Day, Zombie Pride Day or World Take the Dog to Work Day.

Buttman the sex shop that has opened in Alto Palermo.  Will there be vibrator sales on the 26th?  Photo Ferdinand of the Order

Buttman the sex shop that has opened in Alto Palermo. Will there be vibrator sales on the 26th? Photo Ferdinand of the Order

Where is the origin?

The origin of this festival is Japanese and began in the seventeenth century in the city of Komari, where a fair was held to celebrate the Steel phallus partybetter known as Kanamara Matsuri.

He Kanamara Matsuri It’s a Lollapalooza of penis worship, a ubiquitous image throughout the evening in the form of illustrations, lollipops, candies, vegan chocolates or decorations sculpted with a pencil sharpener by some young Scissorhands.

In the Far East, there is a Mecca of prostitutes who pray for protection against STDs. Also, for April 26, births, marriage and harmony in married couples are symbolized.

A procession at the Kanamara Matsuri, Japan.  Photo EFE

A procession at the Kanamara Matsuri, Japan. Photo EFE

They say that this holiday is actually also a tradition that serves as an excuse to drink sake and throw sushi balls that symbolize healthy genitals.

There is no better time to remember the Black varnishes and his tales of The Pijudo duck, When I was in the rock and popin the early 2000s, where it had its free version of Sleeping Beautyunleashed rather than released in the absence of principles.

The truth is that Japan exported its erected commemoration to the globe and it arrived in the almanacs in the form of one of the strangest days that can be celebrated.

In “post-porn” times, a tender movement born as a response from some feminist sectors against traditional porn, the late Victor Maytland (QEPD), a director dedicated to national porn films, told this newspaper that this name, “post-porn”, was due to a vicious campaign: “Death to the penis”.

Uhhhh, what do you think? “Clearly and simply he looks like a reverend asshole to me -the director was jilted-. It turns out that now the man has a aggressive reproductive system which should be replaced by fouls and fouls.”

Cecilia Ce, the sexologist, says: "There is no technique that serves to enlarge the penis".

Cecilia Ce, the sexologist, says: “There is no technique that serves to enlarge the penis”.

Time for closets and penectomies. Difficult days for the penis among about 25 varieties of different sexualities. A perhaps more western proverb says it, coming from San Juan and the old Boedo life is like shit: Relatively short, but seems longer when it gets hard.

A fertile day to remember the wooden penises of the Ministry of Health and its tender for the purchase of 10,000 almost male artefacts for over 13 million pesos.

“The penis is a clitoris with a superiority complex,” said the philosopher Esther Diaz. “Today is International Penis Day and nobody congratulated me!” The porn star was able to complain John Holmesmaking the fan with his incomparable member of 35 centimeters in length.

Without repeating and without blowing, a thousand ways to say penis in Spanish: garcha, chota, goma, pija, garompa, tararira, flute, trunk, puttana, tripa gorda, chorizo, poronga, phallus, stubborn, cannelloni with a line in the middle, one-eyed chinese, goose, rope, piece, zodape, otter, gun, banana, handle, doll…

In Iceland they say there will be a special celebration in Museum phallologicalwhere a vast repertoire is exhibited tararirasof which the main lookout is an exponent of homo sapiens which leaves the figure of Michelangelo’s David reduced to a grain of rice.

Source: Clarin

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