How is Ghosted, with Chris Evans and Ana de Armas: action comedy, silly, but funny

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Love is like that, it comes suddenly and can be at first sight. Cole (Chris Evans) is at his trade show booth on the outskirts of Washington when he sees Sadie (Ana de Armas), who wants to buy a plant that doesn’t need much water, because, due to her job, she doesn’t stay at home much .

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And yes, we will see little or nothing at home, and it will be when he ends up making love with Cole, after that first look, his date immediately and a night together.

ghost It is, as insiders would say, one of those goofy but well done action comedies, with tons of ‘action scenes’, those scenes that the writers write and edit and which could also be followed independently of the rest of the film , if you will, the film, and with the couple starring almost one hundred percent of the screen time.

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Evans and De Armas, together after "Between Knives and Knives" and "The Gray Man".  Apple TV+ photos

Evans and De Armas, together after “Between Knives and Knives” and “The Gray Man”. Apple TV+ photos

At the very least, let’s say Cole dropped everything to go back to the family farm and help his father with the farming business, and Sadie isn’t an art world agent, but a seasoned CIA operative.

what is ghosting

For some reason he doesn’t respond to her texts -or, oh, emojis- after that day of passion -ghosting is ignoring and cutting off contact with another person through social networks-.

She is a CIA agent and he is a farmer.

She is a CIA agent and he is a farmer.

Cole is a hopeless romantic, having just suffered from being abandoned by his partner, so when he learns Sadie is in London, he travels there. And obviously they confuse him, the villains of the moment believe that it is Fisco, who knows the code to open the briefcase containing a very powerful chemical weapon, and they kidnap him.

Well, for a reason in front of the notebooks that wrote the script were Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers (the last three of Spiderman) and Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (both of dead Pool).


The Havana-born actress had already tried her hand at action films, the latest James Bond and ‘The Gray Man’.

Ana de Armas and Chris Evans work together again, after Between knives and secrets AND the gray man, and in this film the roles change. She’s the one who kills without regard, and he’s the pair who follow her, not just to save the world but to save his own skin. If there is what they call chemistry in cinema, this year’s Oscar nominee for blonde and Marvel’s former Captain America has it and it shows.

Speaking of Marvels, ghost has several Marvel superhero cameos, which we won’t reveal here.

Contrary to many action films, Chris Evans's is the companion role, and De Armas's is to carry the arms.

Contrary to many action films, Chris Evans’s is the companion role, and De Armas’s is to carry the arms.

The director Dexter Fletcher, the Englishman who comes from directing in cinema Rocket manthe more than authorized biography of Eton John, and which he is already facing Sherlock Holmes 3starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, it sets the pace at nearly two hours -OK, there’s a lot of credits-.

The villain is played by Adrien Brody, who usually repeats himself when he’s bad, although here the script gives him lines of dialogue with jokes or some strange happening, because this is a comedy and you have to look funny.

Ana de Armas, Ben Affleck

Ana de Armas, Ben Affleck’s ex, as she appears in the director’s film ‘Rocketman’.

ghost It’s like a hurricane of car and truck chases, multiple firefights, explosions, and hand-to-hand combat. Yes, sometimes it’s amazing, but always fun.


Action/Comedy. United States, 2023. Original title: “Ghost”. 116′, SA 13. From: Dexter Fletcher. With: Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Adrien Brody, Tate Donovan, Tim Blake Nelson. Available in: AppleTV+.

Source: Clarin

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