The heartfelt homage of “La peña de Morfi” to Guillermo Calabrese

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The death of William Calabrese has had an impact on everyone, both in the culinary environment and on television. For this reason, a Rock of Morphi (Telefe) bid an emotional farewell to the famous chef, who was in charge of managing his cycle until his death what a morning (The nine).

Santiago Giorgini was the first to speak on the Telefe programme, accompanied by Mirta Carabajal and Rodrigo Cascón, responsible for the kitchen in the cycle currently led by Georgina Barbarossa and Jésica Cirio.

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“The three chefs are here and we wanted to take a minute. Guillermo Calabrese, ‘El Cala’ as he was known, passed away last Friday”Giorgini began, visibly moved.

In "La peña de Morfi" they paid tribute to Guillermo Calabrese.  Catch TV.

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In “La peña de Morfi” they paid tribute to Guillermo Calabrese. Catch TV.

And then he remembered the time they had worked together Argentinian cook (Public TV): “I had to share a program screen for a long time. An incredible professional. Lecturer of teachers. A good person, super generous and always with a smile in front of and behind the cameras”.

“I had the honor of knowing him and working with him. Not just a great cook, but a person of excellence. So Cala, a kiss to Paradise”highlighted, for her part, the pastry chef Mirta Carabajal, while various images of Calabrese, a disciple of the well-known chef “Gato” Dumas, were observed on the screen.

And Gascón, finally, added: “I didn’t work with him, but I met him and he was an example of love for cooking, simple cooking for people”.

Ariel Rodríguez Palacios’ tribute to Guillermo Calabrese

the driver of Ariel in her sauce (Telefe) also grieved over the disappearance of his colleague and dedicated a few words to him.

“Today is a special day, sad for all of us who are dedicated to gastronomy. I send a big kiss to the Cala family. It’s a sad day, but our role, what he liked is cooking on TV, having fun and having fun, so from now on we will all be touched, we will all be hurt,” he said.

“What we will do today is to honor him in the best possible way, with good food and good gastronomy”complete.

Last farewell to Guillermo Calabrese

This Saturday, at the Pilar Memorial Cemetery, a small group of friends, family and students said goodbye to the famous chef.

Friends, family and former students greeted the remains of Guillermo Calabrese at the El Pilar Cemetery.  Photo: MovilPress.

Friends, family and former students greeted the remains of Guillermo Calabrese at the El Pilar Cemetery. Photo: MovilPress.

During the morning there was a kind of vigil and then the burial, where there was a detail that moved the cook’s family. It is that many of those who were students of his showed up with their chef jackets and several of them brought the drawer to honor the memory of their teacher and friend.

Maia Chacra, collaborator at what a morning (El Nueve), the television cycle in which Calabrese worked until his death, told TN what he experienced in the intimate farewell: “All the teachers at the institute where he taught lived in jackets, like he did when he fired Gato Dumas.”

“It’s very sad, we were dancing two days ago,” Chacra said, still not giving credit to his friend’s loss. On the other hand, Daniel Gómez Rinaldi, also a former partner of the chef, added: “He was a very good boy, generous, attentive. On TV he put himself on the line and gave you your place, which is why I always say that he was loving and generous”.

Source: Clarin

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