Matías Morla spoke about the Maradona cause and assured: “Diego was killed”

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Matias Morlaa few days after the trial for the cause of death of Diego Maradona (1960-2020), he spoke publicly again and ensured that his ex was represented “they killed him”.

The lawyer and former Maradona representative, who made the decision to stay away from the media and lower his profile following the ex-footballer’s death, spoke to intruders (America, Monday to Friday at 1pm).

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“I think what I think from minute one, which is an oral trial lawsuit. San Isidro prosecutors have exhausted all instances, I understand that there will be sentenced to prison”assured Morla about the defendants are charged with simple manslaughter.

They are: They are the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luciano Luque, the psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov, the psychologist Carlos Ángel Díaz, Nancy Edith Forlini, the nurses Gisella Dahiana Madrid and Ricardo Omar Almirón, their boss Mariano Perroni and the clinical doctor Pedro Pablo Di Spagna. If convicted, they could receive sentences ranging from 8 to 25 years in prison.

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Matías Morla spoke about the cause of Diego Maradona's death.  Catch tv.

Matías Morla spoke about the cause of Diego Maradona’s death. Catch tv.

“After I don’t think they will be able to prove the criminal plan. Here you have characters who have never spoken to each other, how do you establish a plan», added the lawyer, analyzing the lawsuit.

Then, the reporter of the Florencia de la Ve cycle asked him about the statements of Fernando Burlando, Dalma and Gianinna Maradona’s lawyer, who assured that “Diego was killed” and that “they will look for the ultimate consequences”.

In this regard, Morla said: “Yes, Diego was killed. And the last consequences we are looking for from the first minute, not from now on. Diego died of medical malpractice and that’s why doctors get blamed.”

Subsequently, regarding the accusations made against him by Maradona’s heirs, the lawyer said: “It was previously suggested that Maradona was not sane. We have shown that during my administration he played four peace games, seven live reality shows , 130 interviews.. Subsequently it was said that I had kidnapped Maradona and in that period he was in Mexico and can be seen on Netflix (Editor’s note: for the series Maradona in Sinaloa). I was not in Mexico. They later said that he signed because he was drunk and he signed in 2015 in Dubai court. Everything that has been said has been denied, to the point that no judge has ever called me to explain anything.”

“Now what’s left is the brand, why you gotta unite for this, but we are closer for the sake of Maradona to talk and agree on something”continued Morla, referring to the rights to exploit the Maradona brand, which Diez’s sons dispute with their sisters, legally represented by Morla.

“I am with the nuns every day. And with the children I have an interlocutor, I don’t know if the messages are coming. Because here you want to talk to one and there are 30 secretaries and 42 lawyers. It’s hard and I’m not in a hurry, because those sisters are in control of the brand, they should speak up. There are many things to do here, We have tribute matches interrupted by me because he doesn’t want friction. I’m in a phase of peace”Morla closed.

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Source: Clarin

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