Jorge Rial’s health: his personal doctor said he woke up after the surgery and “his parameters have improved”

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Journalist George Rialrushed to the Colombian city of Bogotá on Saturday after suffering a complex heart condition, already woken up after the surgery he underwent e “His parameters have improved”said his personal physician Guillermo Capuya.

“The parameters have improved. Now we have to wait and see the evolution, but everything seems to indicate that things are going well,” Capuya said in statements to the C5N channel. The doctor traveled to Colombia where the radio and TV host was on vacation when he started having chest pains.

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The expert said it was a complex episode but he is recovering well and said he is very well cared for. She explained that you arrived in Colombia late on Sunday, that you were able to visit him in the room and that you were able to talk to him. “We chatted for a long time, the evolution is very favourable”he detailed.

On Saturday the driver got up with a problem and, having a history, went for a consultation. There they told him they would perform a catheterization. Doctors placed a stent and sedated him.

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According to the doctor’s account, while he was already in the clinic, he had a decompensation which allowed a better resolution of the cardiac episode that afflicted him.

“I contacted the head of the coronary unit at the time who told me they were taking him to cath. When he got out of there, which took an hour or two, They told me I had a narrowed coronary artery”Capuya recounted.

The journalist is still in intensive care in the coronary area and the doctor has anticipated that if he continues with his evolution he could go to a common room.

Regarding the return to the country of the driver of the “Argenzuela”, his doctor added that he will coordinate with the doctors and travel assistance to see when he can return: “We have to see if he needs anything else locally, but then he will be able to move without problems, perhaps I can also travel by plane”.

“It’s not like he’s back on a stretcher. I want to discourage a certain yellow idea, he had a complex episode, but he’s recovering well, ”she clarified.

He also commented that Rial is “grateful for the number of greetings he has received” in the last few hours. “He doesn’t have a telephone, they didn’t let him, but they personally send him greetings and expressions of affection,” said the doctor.

Rial’s health

Capuya had spoken over the weekend about the reporter’s medical history. Regarding the studies prior to this episode that the Argenzuela rider had done, the specialist revealed: “I was looking at the studies we did on Jorge a few months ago and everything went well on the coronary side, in the checkup we did in November it went Everything OK.”

“During his stay in the coronary unit, he had an episode of low blood pressurethey had to place a stent because there was an obstruction in some arteries and the problem was solved,” he continued, recounting what happened in the clinic.

On the conditions of the city where he is hospitalized, the doctor made a clarification: “Jorge was sedated and I was worried, too. Let’s remember that Bogotà is 2,600 meters high, which is not a small problem, we come from scratch to the level of sea ​​and we go there where the pressure is lower, where the available oxygen is also lower”.

When asked about the causes that could have triggered this episode, the specialist listed them: “I think there was a combination of situations, maybe it was work and stress and the altitude.”

“I was concerned about that sudden drop in blood pressure that he had at one point, but it was in the right place and time, where the doctors were able to fix that problem and now the labs are getting better, he’s slowly waking up,” he said. said.

Source: Clarin

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