Rita Ora was inspired by her romance with Marvel director Taika Waititi to make her third album

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It’s not easy to define Rita prays. AND singer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur and wife of sought-after director Taika Waititi (Thor 4: Love and Thunder, Thor: Ragnarok, Jojo Rabbit). He is now about to release his third album and has just surprised with a new preview single, featuring Fatboy Slim.

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His career began in settings of a small London pub and quickly landed a record deal. Word of him started spreading and Jay Z asked him to record a cameo in the video of forever Young.

In 2011, she tackled her debut album and showed some behind the scenes on YouTube which motivated DJ Fresh to invite her for the song. hot now. So, before releasing her first single, she was already called as opening for Drake on tour, and later with Coldplay.

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Rita prays.  Photo courtesy of BMG/ Ed Cooke

Rita prays. Photo courtesy of BMG/ Ed Cooke

A worldwide boom

Since the release of his first album (pray), the singer entered one song after another in the English Top 10. In parallel, she participated in songs by Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX.

After an attempt to switch labels, just two years later he resumed his releases and released Phoenix in 2018, whose cuts broke a record held by Shirley Bassey and Petula Clark: the female soloist with the most songs in the UK Top 10.

Now confirm it His third album will be released on July 14th., You and Iwhich includes the recent single I Praise You (feat. Fatboy Slim)sampling the electronic anthem praise you and uses his signature piano riff.

Rita Ora and Norman Cook (a) Fatboy Slim

Rita Ora and Norman Cook (a) Fatboy Slim

A few months ago, in January, the single You only love me was released, the video of which includes cameos from famous friends such as Lindsay Lohan, Kristen Stewart and Sharon Stone.

Rita is the co-author of all the songs on the album, which ensures that she has a common thread on the different chapters of her relationship with Taika Waititi, whom she met in 2021 and married the following year.

“This album means a lot to me,” Rita said. “It’s like my diary from the last few years. It’s my sound and it feels so true to me and who I am today.”

happy and in love

Rita prays.  Photo courtesy of BMG/ Ed Cooke

Rita prays. Photo courtesy of BMG/ Ed Cooke

In a telephone conversation with clarionRita Ora spoke about meeting Norman Cook, real name of Fatboy Slim

“I’m so excited,” she exclaimed, “with this song! It just came out and it’s been a crazy week; I love releasing new music. I wrote the song a couple weeks before I finished the record and it was my favorite because it’s It was like a dream to use that sampling from my youth. And it was amazing to bring it back in 2023.”

-How was connecting with Norman “Fatboy Slim” Cook?

-I met him at the Naughty Corner at the Glastonbury Festival and a great friendship was born ever since. One day I sent him the theme and he really liked it. Not only was it amazing to get the stamp of approval from him, but to collaborate with him and pay homage to such an important song.

I think this song means something different to each person but from my point of view it is about praising your loved ones and celebrating those relationships. I’m incredibly honored to be able to breathe new life into it and reintroduce it to a whole new generation.

-What can you anticipate from the album itself?

-It’s a love story, a journey to get to know myself and be inspired by the people I’ve met, like my husband and my friends. I think it was time to capture being happy and in love.

-You recently turned 10 years old from your first single.

-Yes. It’s crazy to see that I’ve been doing this for just over a decade. I’m hungrier than ever and very inspired to produce new songs to make people feel happy and free.

-What do you remember about your beginnings singing in pubs?

-It was fun. There was no pressure. It was all about the moment and that’s what I did: I loved singing for people and doing covers.

Rita Ora on the red carpet of the 2022 MTV Europe Music Awards. Photo: AFP

Rita Ora on the red carpet of the 2022 MTV Europe Music Awards. Photo: AFP

-Have you been surprised to meet so many of your idols since then?

-Throughout my career I’ve focused so much on my work that I’ve definitely loved meeting my idols, but that’s not something I thought about when I made a record. I just wanted to make good music and put together a fan base with friends and feel better about myself.

Will we see you in Argentina?

-I don’t know when I will go on tour, but I think I will aim for 2024. My dream is to go to Argentina, I was trying before and then Covid arrived. But I will go.


Source: Clarin

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