Maru Botana revealed that people’s affection was decisive for her to move forward when her baby died

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This Friday night, Maru Snacks was a guest at Night Al Dente (America, Monday to Friday at 10pm) and there he recalled one of the most difficult moments he had to go through in his life: the death, in 2008, of his son Facundo, who was just six months old.

The day we returned from his burial, we found that there was a blog created by a boy called “Fuerza Maru”. Well, everyone wrote me there, and it was super company for me”the cook began by saying, mobilized.

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“I read it every night, there are those moments when you were with your baby and of course I was devastated, but the love people gave me in that moment was so strong. I mean, I never would have imagined so much,” he said. she remembered, Maru, her voice breaking and tears in her eyes.

Maru Botana's emotion as she talks about the support she received from her audience following the death of her son Facundo.

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Maru Botana’s emotion as she talks about the support she received from her audience following the death of her son Facundo.

And he added: “You say ‘how is it possible that you transmit so much on the screen and people love you so much?’ It was a huge comeback. I have received letters and letters from all over the world, it has been impressive and this has helped me a lot”.

In addition to her followers and the public that has accompanied her for many years, she acknowledges that her friends and family have never let her fall into one of the most difficult moments of her life: “That, my family and all that it surrounded me was what made me say ‘forget it’.

Then, Fernando Dente, host of the program, asked the chef if this episode boosted her positive energy which she transmits daily through her social networks, where she is super active training and promoting life in the present: “It empowered me… It made me enjoy minute by minute, day by day, trying to minimize the problems and that is also why I wanted to have more children… we must continue“,

Maru Botana was a guest on "Noche al Dente", the program hosted by Fernando Dente on América TV.

Maru Botana was a guest on “Noche al Dente”, the program hosted by Fernando Dente on América TV.

“That stuck with me a lot, which is why I also wanted to have more children. I didn’t want them to stay with “what a downturn happened,” but the opposite, with what we need to continue. My mother always said ‘you have to keep going’,” remarked Botana.

The moving post that Maru Botana made 15 years after her baby died

Last March, on the day she would have turned 15, Maru Botana dedicated a moving post to her son Facundo, who died in September 2008 at just six months of life.

Facundo died when he was just six months old.

Facundo died when he was just six months old.

“I love this photo with grandma embracing you. I feel you, together with the two of you, taking care of you and pampering you as they did until your departure. Another appointment, 14 years of carrying my stone backpack, with which at first I couldn’t even walk and today I can start running,” the cook said in a post she posted on Instagram.

“You are always inside me, I always feel you, I know you protect us all and I almost relax in that, you really are our guardian angel. These days I love being with my family and sharing something different, being united, cuddling a each other, love each other and feel more united than ever,” he added.

Maru botana.

Maru botana.

And he continued: “It is difficult and I will never get used to the idea that you are not there, as one more, but I know that you are in each of us. But if there is one question that I can not stop I ask myself and it is that’s why you left, although I find it easy why you came”.

“I don’t know, the only thing I feel is that your loss made me move to a different life and where the love you left me helped me continue. I couldn’t sleep thinking about you, how would you be , in so many things, time softens, but I think the small opportunity to have you more kills me,” he concluded.

Source: Clarin

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