Mirtha Legrand is being operated on today: what the surgery will be like and how long it will last

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This noon, Mirtha Legrand will undergo surgery through which a “state of the art” pacemaker will be placed. What is this method for and how is the surgery that will be performed on you.

“Hello! I want to tell you that to stay active as I like, and because I always bet on life, I decided together with my doctors install a state-of-the-art pacemaker that properly regulates my heart rate“, announced the diva a week ago.

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And he clarified: “(It was) something that had already been talked about after the stent placements a while ago. I made the decision together with my family and my medical team. It will be an outpatient procedure“.

Mirtha Legrand's statement.  instagram

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Mirtha Legrand’s statement. instagram

Both she and her nephew Nacho Viale They took it upon themselves to deny that this situation was the reason that was delaying their return to television. “I ask you for peace of mind don’t mix my professional problems which have nothing to do with this decision“concluded the lunch diva.

As a result of all these speculations, Nacho Avenuenephew and producer of the diva, shared a message on Twitter clarifying the objectives. “Nothing puts anything on hold!” she began by saying.

Tweet by Nacho Viale.

Tweet by Nacho Viale.

And I add: “Everything perfect, everything scheduled and outpatient. The wait is why There is no negotiation that is progressing with the channel compared to last year, not for this”.

What is a pacemaker and what is it for?

Also known as a cardiac pacing device, it is a small device that is implanted in your chest to help control your heart beat and prevent the heart from beating too slowly. Its main function is ensure a minimum heart rate.

The heart of a resting adult should beat between 60 and 100 times a minute under normal conditions. When there is bradycardia, beats less than 60 times per minutewhich can be a serious problemas it does not pump enough blood to oxygenate the whole body.

This is implanted in a “pocket” under a chest muscle, mainly from the pectoral muscles, and from there internally come the cables that go to insert a vein that will eventually reach the heart,” he replied to clarion the cardiologist Mario Boschis, member of the SAC.

What are “latest generation” pacemakers?

“At the moment pacemakers allow you to store a large amount of datafrom the most basic information that tells us in what percentage of the time the heart has been stimulated, to more sophisticated information in which the different types of arrhythmias that the patient could present are recorded and stored. It is equivalent to having a Holter recording 365 days a year”, indicated Claudio Militello, also a former director of the Council of Electrophysiology and Arrhythmias of the SAC.

How is a pacemaker placed?

“The surgery is generally low-risk and is often performed under local anesthesia”, Boskis clarified regarding instruments of this type that carry cables. The procedure usually takes between an hour and an hour and a half, he estimated. And he added that many times patients stay in the hospital for 24 hours for follow-up.

While, leadless pacemakers are smaller and generally require easier surgery to implant them.

The procedure is characterized by being minimally invasive and is performed by moving the device through the femoral vein located in the leg from the patient to his heart, where it is finally inserted to stay there, explained the Argentine Federation of Cardiology (FAC).

“It’s a intervention that takes a few minutes and allows the patient to immediately resume his normal life the next day“, highlighted the FAC.

Source: Clarin

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