More details were known about the scandal of Nicole Neumann’s boyfriend: what the model would say when she found out

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This Sunday, Manuel Urceracurrent pair of Nicholas Neumann, became news after starring in a tough fight in Concepción del Uruguay. The pilot did not accept a comment made by an audience member about his future wife and reportedly she hit him with a punch that sent him straight to the hospital.

Although there are various versions, only now, as the hours go by, the details of the scandal involving the model’s boyfriend, who, after running a TC race at the Entre Ríos racetrack, now he could be punished for his violent actions.

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“He punched a fan, who ended up lying on the street and was taken away by the ambulance. The man yelled something at him, Urcera approached, asked for his hand to say goodbye and there he hit him. that is, treacherously Above Manu He was in custody and the man was alone. He hit him in the pear, he fell to the ground, he was stained with blood and people were complaining in Urcera, who left with his motorbike”, said a witness who was present in the garage area, where the accident took place.

In very morning (Ciudad Magazine, Monday to Friday at 10:00), this Tuesday they reported new details on the matter that made headlines on all portals and revealed what would have been the sentence said by the man which made Urcera react so violently.

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Pampito provided some details of the fight.  Television capture

Pampito provided some details of the fight. Television capture

“There are two versions. One this person yelled at Manu Urcera ‘cuckold’ and another who called Nicole Neumann ‘cuckold’”Pampito Perelló Aciar was the first to tell.

But there is an even stronger version told by Pochi, creator of the Gossipeame Instagram account, who was a guest in the cycle hosted by Carmen Barbieri: “They say this person asked Urcera for a photo and then said ‘hey, didn’t they invite you to Cubero’s going away party, the one that… your girlfriend?’”.

Few, from

Few, from the ‘Gossipeame’ Instagram account, recounted revealing details of the scandal.

That would have been the sentence that would have triggered the violent reaction of the TC pilot. “There he hit her with a pineapple and broke her jaw,” the reporter confirmed. And he assured that the young fanatic had to be given four stitches in his face.

Furthermore, the man has formalized his complaint at the Third Police Station of Concepción del Uruguay and his trial is already underway.

The man Urcera beat ended up with a bruised jaw.

The man Urcera beat ended up with a bruised jaw.

In show partners (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 10 am) They also told the details of how the quarrel between Urcera and the man who allegedly insulted Nicole was.

“When the race was over, Manu was with his electric skateboard. There were a lot of people and a group of men approached him. Some say they wanted to take the cap off and he got angrysaid Paula Varela.

The speaker of the cycle led by Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares also confirmed that there was a strong sentence that made Urcera violate.

Others say they would have yelled “cuckold” at him and hinted if he went to the Cubero Bean’s (football) farewell, “the one who garch… your wife”” the reporter explained.

What would have been Nicole Neumann’s reaction to the accident involving Manu Urcera?

Among the repercussions and with the possibility that the driver could be penalized, It was known what Nicole Neumann’s reaction had been when the incident came to light.

It was also Pochi, from the Gossipeame account, who in dialogue with Juan Etchegoyen a Machine gun live She told how the model took this violent situation in which her future husband played.

José Manuel Urcera starred in a scandalous event in Concepción del Uruguay.  ACTC press photo

José Manuel Urcera starred in a scandalous event in Concepción del Uruguay. ACTC press photo

“When he found out what had happened, he asked Urcera, what did you do? You don’t realize this transpires and they start talking about us, you look mean, I look mean, we all look mean and that’s what I need the least right now,” revealed the instagramer.

“This is what they tell me Nicole Neumann would tell Urcera after what happened. Words more, words less, that’s what they told me,” she concluded.

Source: Clarin

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