Fabiana Cantilo clarified her statements on the Fito Páez series: “I’m not angry”

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After assuring that she is somewhat annoyed by the way her character is shown in Fito Páez’s series, Fabiana Cantilo she shared a video on her Instagram to explain that she’s not mad.

Since Love After Love (available on Netflix) has been released, which portrays the life of the singer-songwriter as A dress and a love AND 11 and 6The production has received many awards, but also some criticism, such as that of Cantilo herself, one of the most important characters in the musician’s history.

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Fito’s former partner had spoken on his networks, where he had declared it “They have mixed all the times and there are many things that are not, but I will not give my statements because everything is very strong. Everyone is waiting for me to talk about the show, but I won’t talk, the show speaks for itself. Of course I’ve seen it and it’s very well done.”

A few days later, she attacked and claimed that she too had a life, since in fiction she appears very present next to Páez.

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Seeing the impact of his words, the artist uploaded a story to his Instagram account, where he has more than 260,000 followers, to clarify that all is well with his ex.

“Beings, I’m not angry please”he started to say between laughter.

God, he got it all wrong. What a beautiful sun, what a beautiful day, how beautiful everything is,” he continued.

The dismissal of Fabiana Cantilo for the repercussions that her statements have had.  Instagram.l

The dismissal of Fabiana Cantilo for the repercussions that her statements have had. Instagram.l

And he added: “Sometimes my tone is a little strange… I’m very happy with everything guys. With my life, with being clean for ten years and five months, with Fito, with Fito’s series”.

“In short, this is life, you have to be careful what you say. Peace and old love,” she said.

Additionally, along with the video, which he also shared on Twitter, he clarified: “I’m not crazy. Peace and love”.

Fabiana Cantilo expressed her opinion on Fito’s series

Since it arrived on the Netflix platform, Love after love generated quite a stir and became one of the most watched series. Many wanted to know what he thought Fabiana Cantilo seeing himself played by the actress Michaela Riera. Although the singer at first assured that she would not talk, she eventually decided to come out on her own networks.

“First statement about the series… Besides doing backing vocals for Fito and doing backing vocals for Luis, I’ve had a life and a career,” said the interpreter of Nothing lasts forever in a series of videos he shared on Instagram.

Subsequently, he developed: “In all that turmoil I taught and composed and had bands and made records. Namely, the Twist, which I went to hell with because I’m phobic, after Charly’s tour I walked out; Detectives , produced by Mr. Charly García; Fabiana Cantilo and the hot dogs, produced by Fito, that almost killed us…”.

“And then Fito helped me too, yes, because I was talented. Obviously… No, that is, I state why… it was the same point of view as Fito, but I clarify why I am so present. .. I had a life too, didn’t I?”condemned, a little annoyed.

Then, given that many had echoed her sayings, the artist reappeared on her networks to make a clarification.

Fabiana Cantilo questioned her role in the Fito Páez series.  Capture Instagram VIDEOS.

Fabiana Cantilo questioned her role in the Fito Páez series. Capture Instagram VIDEOS.

“Several people have spoken to me on the phone… I’m not angry, I’m happy. What happens is that as my life is, I enjoyed clarifying that in the series we see that I go to and from Fito, and in those that I come and go, I recorded, I rehearsed with so many people…”, argued Cantilo.

And he continued: “Nothing, I’m super happy with everything, because it’s very crazy to see your own life, it can’t be explained, it’s very strange. Super grateful to the geniuses I worked with. I don’t know if it was a bit hostile, but I love them”.

Source: Clarin

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