Daddy Yankee has signed on with Netflix to be a producer on a music series

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Streaming, like life, offers surprises. And, suddenly, there are figures recognized by a certain profession or pressure and appearing in productions with new roles. This is the case of Daddy Yankee: Netflix has announced, through its social networks, that the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer has signed a contract to be a producer of Neonthe next comedy series on the platform.

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“Legendary Daddy Yankee AKA The Big Boss will executive produce Neon, a new comedy series coming to Netflix. Spoiler alert: He’ll also make a cameoNetflix posted on its Latin American Instagram.

The release date of this new production is still unknown, whose the storyline takes place in Miami and is scheduled for release this year.

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In eight episodesthe series will tell the story of three friends who move from a small Florida town to Miami, hoping to make it in the world of reggaeton. She talks about her big dreams and the harsh comic reality of trying to make it big. in the music industry.

Daddy Yankee in his farewell to the Spanish public.  EFE extension

Daddy Yankee in his farewell to the Spanish public. EFE extension

Tyler Dean Flores plays Santi, a reggaeton artist who, with the help of his friends Ness (Emma Ferreira) and Felix (Jordan Mendoza) and A&R manager Mia (Courtney Taylor), hopes to become the world’s biggest reggaeton star.

Daddy Yankee’s Past and Future

Daddy Yankee announced in March 2022 his decision to retire from music and now begins a new stage in his career as a producer.

After announcing his retirement from the music business, he had planned to perform his last three concerts in Puerto Rico in January, but They were postponed to the end of this year..

The artist will perform five functions of The target, concerts that already have all the tickets sold out. The shows will take place between November 30 and December 3 at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, San Juan, and thus end his musical career.

Recently, his theme Gasan anthem of this musical genre, entered the sound register that the United States Library of Congressthe largest in the world, kept as a collector’s item.

His song "Gasolina" entered the

His song “Gasolina” entered the sound archive of the US Library of Congress. Photo: Getty Images

His most recent album, legendaddywhich surpassed 600 million views in less than a month, has 19 songs and collaborations with artists such as Bad Bunny, Rauw Alejandro, Pitbull, Natti Natasha and Becky G.

Your goodbye, in words

“Puerto Rico, we are now ready to say goodbye to my music career as it deserves. This will be my greatest achievement, to be with my people and with all who will visit my beautiful island for my retreat,” said the aforementioned Chief of Reggaeton, through his Instagram account, last month.

“The race starts from the moment you start breathing. As you grow up, you look at which path to take, the easy one, but short, or the one with obstacles, but with rewards. That was the path I took in my life to become an artist who represented his island with a sound that came from the neighborhood,” he said of his career.

Source: Clarin

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