Mirtha Legrand was successfully operated on: first medical report

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He successfully completed the surgery he underwent Mirta Legrand (96) at the Mater Dei Sanatorium. The Argentine TV diva has been fitted with a “state of the art” pacemaker, as she assured her.

“We inform you that the procedure carried out on Mrs. Mirtha Legrand has just finished as scheduled. The patient is in her room accompanied by her family to complete her recovery.it was reported in the medical report released by the Sanatorium.

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And it adds: “The family appreciates the expressions of affection and respect received in the last few hours”. The report is signed by Roberto Dupuy de Lóme, medical director of the Mater Dei Sanatorium.

Mirtha Legrand's medical report.

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Mirtha Legrand’s medical report.

in their networks, Nacho Avenuewho is in the clinic accompanying her grandmother, expressed herself on Twitter: “Thanks to the doctors, thanks to the Mater Dei Sanatorium, thanks to friends, and thanks to all those who took care and transmitted good energy. All in order. Everything OK. Thank you”.

The arrival of Mirtha Legrand at the sanatorium

The diva arrived at Mater Dei in the afternoon with her nephew, Nacho Avenue. An hour before his daughter had done it, Marcela Tinayre.

In a brief dialogue with the press, Mirtha assured that it was “a special day” and that she was “very excited” for the surgery. Furthermore, she confirmed that she will stay in the sanatorium for 24 hours.

And then he acknowledged: “I am a bit nervous.”

“Don’t let us scare you. It’s quick and easy”assured, for her part, Marcela Tinayre.

The day Mirtha Legrand announced the deal

In her networks, days ago, through a statement, the diva assured: “I want to tell you that to stay active as I like, and because I always bet on life, I decided to install a state-of-the-art pacemaker”.

Mirtha Legrand's statement.

Mirtha Legrand’s statement.

“Which regulates my heart rate properly, something I’ve been talking about since I placed the stents a while ago. I have made the decision together with my family and my medical team, it will be an outpatient surgery next week”argued in the text.

“I ask you for peace of mind and not to confuse my professional problems, which have nothing to do with this decision. I keep betting on life”Mirta finished.

Source: Clarin

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