The famous youtuber Luisito Comunica analyzed the Argentine economy and generated controversy: “They are heading towards dollarization”

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The famous Mexican youtuber Luisito Communicate He was in Argentina and, among all the content he generated for the video platform, in addition to being present at one of Bizarrap’s shows at the Palermo Hippodrome, he surprised by explaining what happens to the dollar in this country.

As he searched for the best choripán in Buenos Aires and met his fans on the streets, The influencer tried to tell in detail how the economic situation is in Argentina, which he defined as “extremely beautiful, with impressive sites and warm people”.

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It all started when Luisito, who has more than 40 million subscribers on YouTube, recalled that the last time he was in Argentina was in 2019 and referred to the changes he found this time.

First, talking about the value of the local currency, he showed a 100 peso bill and said that a few years ago with that money you could buy a hamburger from a well-known fast food restaurant. However, these days it’s enough just to two subway steps.

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Luisito Comunica, in the center of via Florida.  Video capture.

Luisito Comunica, in the center of via Florida. Video capture.

Next, he took out a thousand peso bill and said so “It is Argentina’s largest banknote, worth just over two dollars today.”

“Since my last visit to Argentina, about four years ago, I have come to visit a country which in many respects is very different, especially in the economic sphere.”he said posing in front of the Obelisk.

“One has only to wander into daily life to realize that this country is slowly moving towards dollarization”he argued, before saying that it is common to see many apartments being rented in dollars.

Luisito Comunica visited the Obelisk.  Video capture.

Luisito Comunica visited the Obelisk. Video capture.

And he argued that this happens because “people know that the Argentine peso they charge today, day of tomorrow it could be worth much less”.

Then, the star of the networks went to the famous Florida street, located in the center of Buenos Aires, and showed how the “little trees” work, those people who take you to a “cave” to buy foreign currency.

With a “hidden camera” he entered a trading house and also a cave to tell his experience in the video that has exceeded two and a half million views. Also, he said there is the official exchange, the blue, the tourist, card, wholesaler, MEP and spoke humorously about the Qatari dollar.

“I was struck by the fact that there were a lot of signs saying: ‘We don’t give out counterfeit notes here.’ Because, as I’ve been told, it’s a problem that is being raised a lot, more and more counterfeit banknotes are being issued. although there are others who believe this is to harm the so-called ‘caves’,” she acknowledged.

Luisito Comunica, present at the Bizarrap fair.

Luisito Comunica, present at the Bizarrap fair.

Finally, he talked about what comes out, as a tourist, to spend a few days in Argentina and he made it clear “it’s really not a good thing that everything is so cheap”.

Luisito reflected on how little he paid in two restaurants and wondered how companies manage to pay all workers with such low values: “We begin to think about when it is convenient for a company to be able to pay all workers, from waiters to cooks, receptionists, for that account”.

Finally, Luisito said as a curiosity that many establishments offer discounts when the customer pays in cash instead of with a bank card, which -he underlined- usually doesn’t happen in other countries.

Source: Clarin

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