Jorge Rial’s new medical side: “He is in stable condition for returning to his homeland”

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The first medical report of Jorge Rial issued by the Clínica del Country has been released of Bogotà, in Colombia, where the journalist was hospitalized from the following weekend have a cardiac event while on vacation with his new girlfriend.

Although the details of the driver’s health were already known Argentzuela (C5N, Monday to Friday at 15:30) because his daughter Morena, who is in Colombia with her sister Rocío, her personal doctor, Guglielmo Capuiaand his C5N colleagues had talked about it now from the institute they provided more information.

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In the letter, released this Wednesday afternoon, they ensure that Rial “responded favorably to treatment by an interdisciplinary team of physicians at this institution”.

Jorge Rial's medical report.

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Jorge Rial’s medical report.

To provide all necessary care, he is in intensive care and according to your evolution, the specialists will define the possible transfer to a room to continue with your intra-hospital treatment, while He is in stable condition to return to his country.clarify in the medical part.

And they conclude by explaining that “other details are part of the confidentiality of the clinical history. For Clínica del Country, the care and attention of patients and their families is a priority. This statement is issued with the approval of the patient’s relatives.”

This Wednesday, Dr. Capuya spoke about the state of the journalist, assuring that he wants him to return to Argentina over the weekend and referred to some versions which ensured that the former pilot of intruders (America, Mon-Fri 1:00 p.m.) “He was dead for ten minutes.”

“It’s a hard blow to the body, there are biological times that must be respected, but the evolution is good, it is favorable, it is very well cared for in that place”said the Argentine doctor.

“We agree with the doctors that you come back on Saturday or Sunday, he could now but it is convenient not to rush this and bring it in good condition“He said later and explained that he will be back on a medical plane.

On him being dead for ten minutes, Capuya stated that “what he tells are details he has to tell. It can happen … it happens to 40,000 people a year in Argentina, it could have happened.”

Jorge Rial is back in the nets: “I’m writing to you after a big scare”

While hospitalized in a clinic in Bogota, accompanied by his daughters, George Rial the time has come to reappear on social media and tell firsthand how he is experiencing this moment.

This Wednesday, the C5N pilot posted on Instagram, where he collects more than a million followers, an image of the medical staff who are taking care of their health these days.

“Thanks to all these Colombian health workers, I am writing to you today after a huge scare,” wrote the journalist.

The photo Jorge Rial posted from his hospitalization in Bogota, Colombia.  instagram

The photo Jorge Rial posted from his hospitalization in Bogota, Colombia. instagram

“Luckily these angels were in the right place and they did everything they could to keep me alive. But above all I appreciate the sensitivity of each one. They were loving, kind, and very human. I’ll tell you the details later,” she continued.

And he expanded, “But now it’s time to say thank you. I’m in the best of hands and @clinica_delcountry what highlights good care in the healthcare system. And to Dr. @dra.carolinagv who was in all the details. Later I will tell you about Omar, my guardian angel who did not let me go. Right now I’m just writing in a whirlwind of emotions to remember all the names. But everyone has a place in my heart.”

The photo that More Rial uploaded from the clinic where his father is hospitalized.  instagram

The photo that More Rial uploaded from the clinic where his father is hospitalized. instagram

In addition, he dedicated a special paragraph to Dr. Guillermo Capuya, who traveled to Colombia to accompany him: “And to @doctorcapuya who has not hesitated to come here to take care of my health and to coordinate everything and to relieve my daughters pressure And to the loved ones who were here.”

“I will have to come to Bogotá more often to celebrate my new birthday. And thanks to all who cared and prayed. Each of the messages from him reached me,” Jorge said.

Source: Clarin

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