Marcelo Tinelli, intimate: “Age is a number, I don’t realize how old I am”

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While exercising his new position of Artistic Director of America and is also preparing to debut with dance 2023 On that same screen, Marcelo Tinelli spoke about matters of his personal life in an interview for Gente Magazine, from which a series of snippets were reproduced in THEY (America, 8.00 pm), the cycle conducted by Ángel De Brito.

From the Love until the relationship with their children and his posture faced with the prospect of growing oldthe 63-year-old rider has dealt with all the problems with a very relaxed and optimistic attitude.

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As expected, they asked him about his sentimental gift after his separation from Guillermina Valdés, mother of the younger son Lorenzono other couple was known.

I have been in a relationship for many years and I love it explained Marcellus. I admit to being someone who likes to be in a relationship. But today I feel very good, I learned to feel good like this“.

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When the interviewer wanted to know if he copes “with loneliness”, he replied: “I’m not alone, because I’m with my friends, I’m much more with my children… And when I’m alone physically, I feeling accompanied by the moon, to watch the planes departing from the airport, to drink a gin and tonic that I made or a soft drink… Or for Lorenzo who comes to play sticky figures”.

Marcelo Tinelli, single: "Today I give priority to myself before a bond".  Catch TV.

Marcelo Tinelli, single: “Today I give priority to myself before a bond”. Catch TV.

“I make time for other things that out there, at another time, I haven’t given so much time,” she added. I’m taking some time for myself. It would be an idiotic statement to say that I’m in a relationship with myself, but I think so Today, I prioritize myself before a bond”.

“Over there, tomorrow I fall madly in love and could have a relationship, I’m not saying no,” admitted the creator of ShowMatch. “But today is a moment where I feel good about being like this. I don’t want anything different. As I am, I’m fine. I don’t need anything other than what I have. What I have is what I have and I accept them as they are”.

Marcelo Tinelli: “I like to enter the single program”

“I like to enter the single program,” said Marcelo, facing the debut of dance 2023-. I want do it. They’ve been in a relationship for so many years and you’ll say: ‘And how does it change?’. It doesn’t change anything, because no one is telling me what to do. But There are some things that you interrupt because, out there, they can annoy each other Even if I don’t tell you anything.”

“This is something I’m going to really enjoy and people are going to really enjoy too, because it’s being free, in the sense that I have no ties or commitments to anyone… Ask my producers if I’m a danger or if it’s something that will be added to the program…”.

Marcelo Tinelli: “I can’t imagine getting old, I feel better today than at 50”

“How are you doing with age?” they asked Marcelo Tinelli. “Good,” he replied, without hesitating for a second. “For me, age is a number. I have no age issues. I have no idea how old I am, I don’t realize it“.

Marcelo Tinelli: "I can

Marcelo Tinelli: “I can’t imagine getting old”. Catch TV.

“I don’t think ‘This age matches these things.’ My energy matches what I generate. I can interact with people of any age. Age is a number,” she stressed.

And it was more: “I can’t imagine getting old. Yes, it’s definitely the law of life, but I never thought I’d reach this age being like this.”

“So how?” they asked him. And Marcelo enumerated: “Mentally well, clear-headed, happy, eager, going to the gym every day, wanting to work, getting up early, putting batteries, taking my son to school, being present in everything my children do, being with my friends, go out to eat, have fun, laugh… I feel better today than I did when I was 50“.

Source: Clarin

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