Alejandro Sanz starts his string, Alicia Keys arrives and Chango Spasiuk plays at the Opera

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For this long weekend there are good proposals for recitals, theatre, streaming, cinema and free activities. The shows feature local characters from different styles of music.

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Alessandro Sanz

Another visit from the award-winning Spanish artist, whose “Sanz en vivo” tour was the most massive of the summer in Spain, surpassing 300,000 followers and breaking attendance records. Thus, Argentina is included in the international tour. Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 21:00 at Movistar Arena, Humboldt 450.

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Popì Spatocco

He begins a cycle that will last every Saturday in May to play with his trio made up of Ricardo Cánepa on double bass and Matias Furió on percussion. This week’s guests will be Lidia Borda and Benito Cerati. Saturday at 21:00 at El Picadero Theater, Enrique Santos Discépolo 1857.

david lebon

The beloved “Ruso” returns to play in the Capital, with a selection of his great classics which he has recorded in the two volumes of Lebon & Co. Friday at 20:00 at the Vorterix Theater, Federico Lacroze 3455.

Chango Spasiuk

The talented musician presents eikehis latest work recently released, accompanied by his musicians and various guest artists, such as Gustavo Santaolalla, Carlos Nuñez and Jaques Morelembaun. Saturday at 21:00 at Teatro Coliseo, Marcelo T. de Alvear 1125.

Alicia Keys

After the resounding success of his world tour Alice World Tour + Keys In both Europe and the United States in 2022, the great singer and pianist has finally announced the Latin American leg of her world tour. Sunday at 20:00 at the Movistar Arena, Humboldt 450.

viviana scarlassa

viviana scarlassa

viviana scarlassa

The tango singer, former reference of the China Cruel group, celebrates 20 years of artistic career and celebrates it with the release of Contemporánea, a new studio album made up of ten songs that are a tribute to women. Saturday at 21:00 at Club Atlético Fernández Fierro, Sánchez de Bustamante 772.

My invincible friend

The big band from Mendoza has just filled the Vorterix Theater to officially present their eighth album Isla de Oro, as well as receiving a nomination at the Gardel Awards in the category “best pop group album”. Saturday at 20:00 at La Trastienda, Balcarce 460.

Soda overdose

Soda Overdose, tribute band

Soda Overdose, tribute band

The Soda Stereo tribute band arrives with their “Al calor de las masas tour 2023”. Saturday at 21:00 at the Teatro Coliseo

Gabriela Acher

The prestigious actress debuts with her new personal exhibition What does a girl like me do at an age like this?where she addresses a theme aimed at the new generations of women: “those of 40, those of 50, those of 60 and those of 70… who until just 50 years ago did not enjoy what we call life today”, she explains. Sundays at 19:00 at the Picadilly Theater, Av. Corrientes 1524.

Lezzama Park

León, a tireless fighter and compulsive liar, and Cardozo, an almost blind coach about to be forcibly retired, share their lives and the bench at Parque Lezama. León’s commitment collides with Cardozo’s conformity. And although Cardozo always chooses to stay out of trouble and “work everything out,” León forces him to stand up and fight. Together they will stand out in a world that wants them invisible. From their bench in the park they will try to achieve social justice, fight against drug trafficking, save girls in danger and stop time. They may not succeed, but in the process they will change their lives, and possibly the viewer’s. With Luis Brandoni, Eduardo Blanco and cast. Address: Juan José Campanella. Friday and Saturday, 8.30pm and Sunday, 7.30pm In Politeama, Paraná 353. Admission from $5000.

Knock Knock

The most haunting comedy written by the talented Laurent Baffie. Six characters suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) will meet and get to know each other in the waiting room of a famous psychiatrist to solve their problems. The psychiatrist will never come to therapy and they will have to draw their own conclusions. With Diego Pérez, Gabriela Grinblat and the cast. Address: Lía Jelin. Friday, 8pm; Saturdays at 7.30pm and 9.30pm and Sundays at 7.30pm In Multiteatro, Corrientes 1283. Tickets from $5800.


Tootsie, with Nicolás Vázquez

Tootsie, with Nicolás Vázquez

Tootsie is the story of an arrogant and self-centered actor who can’t find a job because no one supports him. He then decides to go to a casting for actresses and manages to stay as a female co-star. But he falls in love with his co-star; then he has to find the best way to reveal his lie about him, because he’s been a better man as a woman than he’s ever been with a woman as a man. With Nicolás Vázquez and cast. Director: Mariano Demaría. Friday at 9.00pm Saturday at 8.00pm and 10.30pm; Sundays at 7:00pm and 9:30pm at Lola Membrives, Av. Corrientes 1280. Seats: from $5,000.


Serge, Marc and Ivan have always been friends. Buying a white painting shakes the values ​​they thought they shared. In the history of this friendship, no one will be the same as before, even if there is always room for forgiveness and, perhaps, for a new beginning between friends. With Pablo Echarri, Fernán Miras and Mike Amigorena. Direction: Ricardo Darín and Germán Palacios. Friday, at 8.30pm; Saturdays at 8pm and 10pm and Sundays at 8pm at Multitabaris, Corrientes 831. Tickets starting at $5,800.

the prisoners

In the mid-19th century, a gang breaks into a wedding and kidnaps the bride, a young French woman named Celine. Already in the tribe and in full celebration, Celine will be saved by an unexpected protector: an Indian named Rosalila. The two women fled across the dull geography of the pampas. Sun, rain, hunger, fights, a tiger, a monkey, two soldiers, a sick girl, several rivers will cross. With Laura Paredes and Lorena Vega. Management: Mariano Tenconi Bianco. Saturday and Sunday, 5.30pm, Metropolitan Theatre, Corrientes 1343. Tickets $4,500.​

Playing in a sleepy moment

Who can define what is “best” for a child? His mother? His father? Science? Common sense? A playmate? Who can be your best “spokesperson”? The piece asks us about the possible place adults sometimes try to locate a child: as one more toy in the limited universe of a lifetime shared. With Agustina Sáenz and cast. Address: Lizardo Laphitz. Saturday, 8.00 pm, at the Polonia Theater, Fitz Roy 1475.


The main trio, after a serial killer.  Diamond photo film

The main trio, after a serial killer. Diamond photo film

It is the awaited return of Damián Szifron, after his success wild tales, released in 2014. It is a thriller about a serial killer, who slaughters dozens of people in different places, from an apartment on New Year’s Eve. A policewoman is recruited by an FBI agent to carry out the search.

“Misanthrope” Very good. Thriller/Drama. USA, 2023. Original title: Misanthrope. 119′, SA 16. From: Damien Sifron. With: Shailene Woodley, Ben Mendelsohn, Jovan Adepo, Ralph Ineson. Rooms: Cinépolis Houssay, Recoleta and Pilar, Cinemark Puerto Madero and Caballito, Hoyts Unicenter, Showcase Belgrano.

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3”

Chris Pratt says goodbye to the saga.  disney photo

Chris Pratt says goodbye to the saga. disney photo

The farewell of the Guardians is one of the funniest of the trilogy. One of them is mortally wounded and the others must do everything possible to save his life.

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3” Very good. Action/Comedy. United States, 2023. Original title: Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3. 150′, SAM 13 R. From: James Gunn. With: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper. Rooms: IMAX, Hoyts Abasto and Unicenter, Cinemark Palermo, Cinépolis Recoleta and Pilar, Showcase Belgrano.

“Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story”

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.  Photo: Netflix

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. Photo: Netflix

The historic six-episode miniseries starring Golda Rosheuvel and directed by Tom Verica has just been released. Available on Netflix.


New eight-episode Argentine comedy, starring Nicolás García Hume, Charo López and Martín Slipak. Available in Flow.

“The father”

The Father, with Anthony Hopkins.

The Father, with Anthony Hopkins.

Olivia Colman and Anthony Hopkins star in the film, which garnered six Academy Award nominations. Dramatic connection with a two-time acting professorship. Available on Netflix.

human human

It is a site-specific installation created especially for Usina del Arte by Jessica Trosman and Martín Churba. A journey through different techniques: from thermoprinting, screen printing and engraving to monocopying. He worked on a large scale on media, materials and objects discarded by society. Friday, from 12 to 20 and Saturday and Sunday, from 11 to 20, at La Usina del Arte, Caffarena 1. With free admission.

MUSIC: Buenos Aires Tango Orchestra

Directed by Juan Carlos Cuacci and with Jesús Hidalgo as a guest, it will be presented at the , with a repertoire that includes classics such as The dizzying, Fueye, Naranjo en flor, Alma en banshee and other. Friday at 20:00 in the Sala Alejandro Casona of the Centro Asturiano of Buenos Aires, Solís 475. With free admission.

MUSIC: Nicolas Vaca

nicole cow

nicole cow

The musician from Salta will present his new book at the Book Fair 11 arrangements of Argentinian music for guitar, a work with all the arrangements of Argentine popular music for solo guitar that have been analyzed by the author since his student days and also adds those recently made in his forties. Friday at 2.30pm at the International Book Fair. Pisarnik Hall.

MUSIC: The Symphonic Band of the City of Buenos Aires

A repertoire dedicated to the music of great films and plays. Indeed, under the direction of Luciano Gabriel Falcón, the orchestra will make a selection of songs that includes Les Miserables, Chicago, Beauty and the Beast, The Phantom of the Opera AND Mary Poppins, among others. Friday, at 20:00, in the auditorium of La Usina del Arte, Caffarena 1. With free admission.

MUSIC: Carolina Peleritti

Caroline Peleriti.  Photo Valmusso

Caroline Peleriti. Photo Valmusso

The singer will participate in the cycle Music and Democracy in the Senate. He will propose a recital of Argentine folklore and popular music. Friday at 19:00 with free admission, in the Sala Arturo Illía of the Legislative Palace, Hipólito Yrigoyen 1849. You can enter from 18:00, until the capacity of the hall is exhausted. And it can be followed live on the Senate YouTube channel.

MUSIC: The Fanfare of the Captain

The Fanfare of the Captain

The Fanfare of the Captain

Before starting their thirteenth European tour, in which they will represent Argentina at the famous Glastonbury festival, the band says goodbye to Buenos Aires together with Mincho Garramone, Kevin Johansen, El Plan de la Mariposa, Donald, Brenda Asnicar and Edu Schmidt. Friday at 8:00 pm in the Centennial Park Amphitheater. Show with free admission.

MUSIC: The Argentine National Music Orchestra

He will present a repertoire composed of material by three Argentine composers: Guillo Espel, Gabriel Senanes and María Suárez. Friday, at 20:00, in the CCK National Auditorium, Sarmiento 151. Free admission.


Source: Clarin

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