MasterChef Argentina: Delfina collapsed, burst into tears and was eliminated

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In the sixth elimination gala, Delfina was expelled from Master Chef Argentina (Telefe, Sunday at 10.30pm and Monday to Thursday at 10.45pm).

Donato de Santis, Damián Betular and Germán Martitegui all made the decision to eliminate Delfina after the player busted her pot.

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“You are a divine person, you will be greatly missed”Betular fired her. “Nobody can say you don’t have the will, you have everything to go far in the kitchen, I kept dreaming,” added Martitegui.

Delfina's emotion after her elimination.  Catch TV.

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Delfina’s emotion after her elimination. Catch TV.

Excited, Delfina expressed: “Thank you… Since I was a girl I understood that I liked it and of course I will continue to study and do my best to become your colleague one day. Thank you, seriously.” “From MasterChef I get many friends and the experience of my dreams. I’m leaving happy and super accomplished,” she added.

“You have your whole life ahead of you. To continue with your dreams”, closed Wanda Nara, before Delfina left the studio.

The jury, before communicating its decision.  Photo: TELEFE Press.

The jury, before communicating its decision. Photo: TELEFE Press.

The gala started with Antonio, Aquiles, Candelaria, Delfina, Juan Francisco, María Sol and Silvana aiming to defend their place in the competition. The jury proposed as the task of the day to elaborate -in 65 minutes- a dish including two chorizos (with the filling prepared by the participants) along with a sauce and vegetables.

Juan Francisco He made pork chorizos with apples and eggplant. “There is a lot of work, commitment and some new things,” judged Martitegui. “The chorizo ​​​​​​is dry,” Betular added.

AchillesFor his part, he presented a dish with pork chorizos with vegetables, baba ganush and yogurt sauce. “Everything we asked for, you did very well,” summed up Donato upon his return.

Chorizo ​​alla pomarola with mashed potatoes was the preparation of Silvana, who had a moment of confusion while cooking and burst into tears. The return of the jury was very lapidary. “The puree is dry and the tomato sauce is a bit acidic,” analyzed Martitegui. And Donato added: “Unfortunately there are no flavors today”.

The best of the evening was María Sol from CordobaThat He did a beef chorizo ​​with mango and pear creole sauce on a flatbread, he had a great performance. “Give me 20 of these. It’s all very well,” Martitegui congratulated her. And Donato and Betular continued with the praise. “This dish is very Argentinian. You have brought me a memory of great joy. This dish is almost perfect,” said the Italian, very excited.

Then, dolphin, who also had trouble in the kitchen and even broke down in tears when she collapsed, presented a pork shoulder and skin fat chorizo ​​with tomato salsa and sweet potato puree. “The fat you used didn’t do it any good, it gives it a strong flavor. And the puree was plain,” Betular said.

Antonio, Delfina and Silvana, the three participants who presented the worst dishes.  Catch TV.

Antonio, Delfina and Silvana, the three participants who presented the worst dishes. Catch TV.

Candlemas He prepared a chorizo ​​​​​​and bacon bondiola with corn short ribs, fresh salad and yogurt sauce. “Everything is very good, even if it is difficult to assemble. But it is all good,” said Martitegui, satisfied with the dish of the participant. And Betular wanted more: “The name of this dish is ‘I want to win MasterChef'”.

The last to present his dish was Anthony, who made roast beef chorizo, rump and bacon with potatoes, baby eggplant, and a cinnamon cauliflower dip. “The chorizo ​​has no flavor and I don’t understand the side dish at all,” asked Martitegui.

Who continues in MasterChef Argentina

After the elimination of Delfina Gayoso, who joins the first expelled, Emilia, Micaela, Carlos, Juan Ignacio and Agustín, 10 participants continue in the culinary reality show, which will reward a prize of 10 million pesos and the coveted MasterChef trophy.

I am: Estefanía, Antonio López, María Sol Ferrero, Daniela, Aquiles González Sviatschi, Silvana, Rodolfo Vera Calderón, Juan Francisco Moro, Candelaria Sorini and Rodrigo Salcedo.

Source: Clarin

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