The woman who recorded herself having sex with Tomás Holder discovered a particular detail of the leaked video

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Tomás Holder’s sex tape that leaked last week continues to give people something to talk about. It is that, amidst the cross accusations about its viralization, Agustina, the young woman who appears in the images, has launched a new theory of the leak and has revived the scandal.

In detail, the model e influencers erotica who slept with the former participant of Big Brother He spoke again in his stories about instagram about dispute generated and implied that it was not she who disclosed said material but the Owner himself.

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First off, she uploaded a photo of herself from the balcony of her house this Sunday afternoon and wrote: “Good morning. I thought the storm had already passed, until new information arrived.”

Agustina, the young woman who appears in the video with Holder, claimed to have "new information".

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Agustina, the young woman who appears in the video with Holder, claimed to have “new information”.

And, immediately after, he shared a video in which he accused Holder, without mentioning it, of having been responsible for his viralization. intimate recording.​

“A follower wrote to me last night and said, ‘Tana, did you notice that a Cordovan woman was speaking in the leaked video?’ I went in, checked the video and… it’s true! At the end of the video a mine is heard with the melody of Cordoba… And guess who was in Córdoba a few days ago?” said Agustina.

It is worth noting that the video that leaked onto the networks last Wednesday was recorded from a mobile phone. In other words, someone filmed a cell phone screen while it was playing back the images. According to Agustina, this person has received it Whatsapp in ephemeral mode. And in that recording we hear a woman’s voice expressing her opinion of what she is seeing.

Agustina targeted Tomás Holder in her goals.

Agustina targeted Tomás Holder in her goals.

Cross-versions on the viralization of Tomás Holder’s intimate video

As soon as Tomás Holder’s video went viral, the first GH He came out to say that he regretted this event due to the huge number of underage kids who followed him on their networks.

“A video leaked of me having sex with someone. People ask me if I uploaded it or not. And no, I didn’t upload it, ”she began by saying on her social networks about her.

And continued: “It doesn’t bother me why I am in favor of my body being artI’ve always said it’s a human body. I mean, it’s not weird at all. It’s sex, it’s normal… If it bothers me out there that the younger followers see it… I apologize if they had to see it, if they were offended or something like that.”

“But well, nothing, it’s out of reach of my hands. E There are people who do what they can for a little fame. So nothing, folks, that, thank you,” he closed, pointing to Agustina.

Also, hours later, he spoke again and was upset about the use of his image to the point that he threatened to take legal action to those who view such content without your consent.

“Up until now I wasn’t going to go out and talk about it or say anything, plus I apologized for something I didn’t have to apologize because Something leaked that I didn’t mean to leak”he began by saying in that release.

And he added, in clear reference to the contents that La Tanita, as the XXX model calls herself, was selling on the Internet: “But now I discover that they are billing silver fortunes with my imageI discovered it in THEY They show a picture of me having sex without my consent.”

“Mine is (Agustina’s) tells me she doesn’t want fame and she will THEY…don’t be a hypocrite, if you don’t want fame, you won’t THEY… Everything they’re doing with my image looks disastrous, crazy,” he added, visibly angry.

And after making it clear that she doesn’t want everyone to see and feel uncomfortable with that video, and that her family was also having a hard time, she assured: “He’ll have to go to court.”

For its part, La Tanita went viral over the weekend chat catches he would have had with the mediain which he laughed at the video going viral and even offered to continue making “porn”. “we got in line”was one of the sentences that the first GH I would have written to the actress.

Source: Clarin

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