The intimacy of the Palito Ortega family’s barbecue: special guests and their particular fire lighting technique

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This Sunday was very special for the family of Ortega’s cane. Is that the famous artist of 82 years old chose to entertain his family with a amazing roast.

In detail, the singer, actor and husband of Evangelina Salazar he worked on the grill with dedication and a lot of love for several of his children, grandchildren and friends.

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Your eldest daughter, Juliethas uploaded several videos to his Instagram Stories showing all the effort Palito has put into the Family lunch to close the weekend.

In this context, the famous actress revealed the particular technique that her father uses turn on the fire: make the wind with the hair dryer and mix wood and coal, a widely used method but not the most traditional.

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Palito Ortega stoking the barbecue fire with a hair dryer.

Palito Ortega stoking the barbecue fire with a hair dryer.

Also, Iván Noble’s ex-wife revealed that “the barbecue” first hosted the cuts of meat and then offal, including black pudding and chorizos.

Palito also put a few sprigs of dry leaves in the fire, like to flavor food, and sprinkle cloves of garlic between the meat to intensify the flavors. Meanwhile, she’s covered with a baking tray most of the cuts.

The artist has covered some cuts with a baking sheet.

The artist has covered some cuts with a baking sheet.

Among the other special guests at Ortega’s lunch was the actress andrea rincon and former model Ana Paula Dutilmuch loved in the family because with whom he had a relationship Emanuele Ortega for more than 20 years and is the mother of his two children: India AND Baptist.

In fact, Bautista was present at the barbecue and uploaded a photo of the final result of his grandfather’s elaborate preparation to his Instagram stories.​

Bautista Ortega, at his grandfather's barbecue.

Bautista Ortega, at his grandfather’s barbecue.

Another of the guests at the barbecue that Palito prepared this autumn Sunday was the leader of Los Ratones Paranoicos, Juansewith which he posed very smiling Sebastian Ortega for Julieta’s lens and, for his part, shared a photo with Evangelina in his Instagram stories.

Sebastián Ortega and Juanse, at the Palito barbecue.

Sebastián Ortega and Juanse, at the Palito barbecue.
Juanse and Evangelina Salazar.

Juanse and Evangelina Salazar.

The Ortega family outing

Last week, the Ortegas made headlines for a fun family outing that Palito and Evangelina shared with their children Sebastián and Emanuel and their partners: models Carla Moure and Julieta Prandi, respectively.

On that occasion, the aforementioned attended the premiere of the show forest insidewritten by Sebastián’s girlfriend and performed Ines Estevez AND Ornella D’Eliawhich took place at the Centro Cultural 25 de Mayo.

Rosario Ortega, the youngest of the clan, a super friend of her parents and sisters-in-law, also joined the exit.

The publication of Martín Ortega that has generated controversy in the networks

Another recent piece of news from the aforementioned family has to do with a post made by another of Evangelina and Palito’s children. Regard Martin Ortegawho commented Chirping on the closure of the Buenos Aires premises of an important international brand that has generated criticism of all kinds.

It so happens that the artist posted a photo of his mother getting into the aforementioned business of Louis Vuittonlocated in an exclusive shopping center in the Retiro neighborhood of Buenos Aires, and next to it he wrote a text that he generated dispute which read: “My mother had received the worst news of the day, maybe of the whole week”.

The photo of the controversial post by Martín Ortega with the photo of Evangelina Salazar in a French luxury store.

The photo of the controversial post by Martín Ortega with the photo of Evangelina Salazar in a French luxury store.

Thus, many users came out to criticize him and he replied to one of those tweets, doubling the bet. “For one public woman with my mother’s features, which you can almost feel the obligation to appear as expected, there aren’t many options other than turning to certain brands. It’s part of being who he is, as the popular saying is “a gajo.” [sic] of the trade'”, explained Sebastián’s brother, Emanuel, Luis, Julieta and Rosario.

Source: Clarin

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