Jey Mammón has spoken: he is sure he will return to television and sue those who “lied”

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Intercepted on the public street by a reporter of in the afternoon (America, Monday to Friday at 3.30pm), jey mammon He spoke again about the time-barred sexual abuse complaint against him made by Lucas Benvenuto and clarified that his intention is to return to work in television.

“I’m fine. I went for a walk…”was the first to underline the comedian and driver, who – unlike on other occasions – did not shy away from the dialogue, which took place while walking through the Palermo district.

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“I’ve been living a normal life for a while. I’m calm”he has declared.

And he clarified: “There is no new Jey Mammon, it’s the same as always.”

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Jey Mammón spoke with the cycle "A la tarde".  Catch TV.

Jey Mammón spoke with the cycle “A la tarde”. Catch TV.

Then, when asked by the reporter if he wanted to return to television, Jey said: “Yes, definitely. We will definitely be back, yes of course. I don’t know where but we will definitely be back on TV”assured the driver, that since the denunciation of Benvenuto for child abuse was made public, he has been removed from his role as driver of Rock of Morphi (Teleph, Sunday at 11.30).

“The truth is that I am still the same as always, I still think the same as always. First it was a kick in the head from which you have to get up. This shows. But I’m still the same. The circumstances remain the same.”reiterated Jey, who was in a better mood, very different from those first interviews with Jorge Rial or Baby Etchecopar.

Then, the reporter asked him if he felt betrayed by “people in the middle” and Jey replied: “I really don’t want to talk about anything. I don’t anticipate what will happen. I never liked doing circuses”.

As for what lawsuits he could initiate, he highlighted: “At this… I didn’t like circus, less than serious stuff. I don’t like to anticipate things that are going to happen. When that’s what it’s going to be, I’ll sit down to talk about what is happening. When it happens, they’ll find out. In the meantime, talk to the lawyers.”


“I’m not hiding,” assured Jey Mammón. Catch TV.

And he clarified: “Yes, I can tell you that all people who lied and climbed or became the owner of a lie must answer.”

“I always felt safe. What happens when you get shot or bombed is very difficult, it is very difficult. Especially when they come to that lie. You feel overwhelmed. But there are people who are dedicated to it, who are not me, who are the ones who have to go and ask, ”she added, making it clear that she will initiate legal action.

Is closed: “I go out to live life as always. I am neither hidden nor lonely.”

Source: Clarin

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