Rodríguez Larreta said that “there is no risk” of Breaking Together for Change and that “they will work so that there is only one PRO candidate”

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In the midst of the Together for Change internship which in the last few hours has once again been agitated with bills and further obstacles to the definition of candidates, the head of the government of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, assured that the “unity” of the main space of opposition “is out of the question”.

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“The Juntos unity is out of the question, there is no risk, in fact many leaders accompanied Gerardo Morales to Jujuy. Today I will accompany Luis Judge in the launch of his campaign We are all together, very united“, Rodríguez Larreta said in a press conference.

And he continued: “That’s how we won in the province of Jujuy, we made a very good choice in La Rioja the other day, also in Misiones, we are working closely together, out of question.”

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This is how the pre-candidate for the presidency responded when asked about the recent statements by Martín Lousteau in which the radical senator and aspiring head of government of Buenos Aires met Mauricio Macri asking him to do not contribute to “hurt Together for Change”after the former president slipped that Jujuy was a feudal province.

Rodríguez Larreta insisted on unity the day after a new PRO summit where they failed to show progress in electoral discussions in major districts. Macri has asked for the public confrontation to be lowereda coincident position among the participants in the meeting in a meeting room in Palermo, even if the referents of the space fail to unify a strategy and the differences are evident above all in the city and in the province of Buenos Aires.

Moreover, Larreta insisted on this “the internal one is defined in the STEP” and that it undertakes to work so that there is “only one PRO candidate”.

“The internal one is defined in the STEP, there will be one candidate for each party. We will work so that there is only one PRO candidate”, he remarked.

And he added: “We go to STEP because, in the end, people choose. But we work so that there is only one PRO candidate”.

Source: Clarin

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