The real reason Wanda Nara decided to end her relationship with L-Gante was known

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Wanda Nara AND L-Ghent They had a passionate romance that came to an end December of last year due to the media environment, according to what he said this Monday at THEY (America, at age 20) Janina Latorre.

After recalling her scandalous separation from Mauro Icardi due to the footballer’s deception with Eugenia the China Suárez, the speaker said that Wanda decided to come to Argentina to work and that’s when she met the Cumbia reference 420.

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“The romance was real and it was relationship… I thought it was sexual, but they said no.that when she came here and decided to stay in Buenos Aires and start working, she was already filming with Icardi,” Diego Latorre’s wife began.

And he continued: “His environment says that it is not that he has not forgiven him, but that It’s amazing when they always remind you of the topic on TVin the programs, in the networks… that he couldn’t get the subject out of his head and that didn’t allow him to feel good”.

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Wanda and L-Gante, in December of last year.

Wanda and L-Gante, in December of last year.

So, again according to Yanina’s story, when the driver of masterchef (Telefe, at 10.30 pm) came to Buenos Aires, she started dating, was offered a job and met L-Gante.

“He was taken! They were there for three months and they didn’t hide. That’s why we saw her they were going to dance, they went out and tackled… she bet on that relationship and He intended to continue, but he started to find many obstacles.” Latorre assured under the watchful eye of Ángel de Brito and all of his panelmates.

And he specified: “Before Zaira, who hasn’t bet her in a while. The mother (by Nora Colosimo) I was totally crazy and did not want to know anything. And it was the first time Wanda had a fight with Kennys Palacios.”

The singer and the media lived an intense love story.

The singer and the media lived an intense love story.

In this context, Latorre said that the famous stylist and close friend of Wanda did not want her to go out with L-Gante. “It was the first time in their 20 years together that they had a fight. and it is a factor of discord», assured the little angel.

“In fact, Kennys Saturday, when Wanda went to sit next to L-Gante, she was standing like a pole, she was in a panic!” said Yanina in clear reference to last weekend’s meeting between the media and the cumbia singer.

Is closed: “In December Wanda ends up leaving L-Gante, and everything went wrong until they saw each otherbecause Icardi turned his children against him… She grabbed him and put him on the scale, and he realized that if he had everything against him, there were no conditions to continue and he resumed with Mauro, who rowed and is doing well”.

L-Ghent, near China Suárez and away from Wanda Nara

The last weekend, Wanda Nara AND Eugenie THE China Suarez They coincided in a folk festival that takes place in different parts of the country.

On this occasion, the presenter and the actress met at GEBA Stadiumwhere even many celebrities like the first danced and had fun Big Brother Daniela Celis, Julieta Poggio and Marcos Ginocchio; the singer Wos, the actress Valentina Zenere and the same L-Ghentwho sang on stage.

China Suárez went dancing with her friends on Saturday and met L-Gante.  Photo: Instagram

China Suárez went dancing with her friends on Saturday and met L-Gante. Photo: Instagram

“L-Gante and Wanda said goodbye, they exchanged a few words, but how he was closer to China Suárez’s group, she went to the other side of the vip. L-Ghent He threw China to sing with him, but she told him no”said Pochi, owner of the Instagram profile, said Pochi, who manages the @gossipeame Instagram account,

Meanwhile, in the air very morning (Ciudad Magazine, p. 10) assured it China has moved closer to L-Ghent “and they chatted all the time, but Wanda and L-Gante no ball, zero”.

Source: Clarin

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