A video of China Suárez worried her fans and she came out to clarify the situation: “I don’t do drugs”

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after a cataract of messages on his way of dancing, moving and gesturing during a party last weekend, Eugenie the China Suarez crossed a user of instagram and revolutionized the social networks.

In detail, last Saturday the famous actress and singer went to the GEBA stadium and had fun with her friends in the vip of the Fresh Until the early hours of the morning.

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In this context, Rusherking’s ex-girlfriend danced, sang and showed all her charms in the center of the track, where she was captured by the camera lens of the event organizers.

These images quickly went viral on social networks and, to everyone’s surprise, the artist did hard attacked for his way of dancing and moving his mouth, for which there was an alleged problem of addictions.

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China Suárez gives it all on the dance floor.  video capture

China Suárez gives it all on the dance floor. video capture

“That, it was done to me or Was China yawning badly?“, “Like Chinese jaw”, “Give me the dope, China”, “Wow, redrope China…” and “Mandibulea played that night” are just some of the comments made to Benjamín Vicuña’s ex in said post.

Tired of people’s bad comments, Eugenia decided to respond to a user who wrote: “Che, China won’t stop jawing”. “I just chew gum like that, horrible habit. I don’t take drugs”the actress replied along with a cute face emoji and ended the speculation.

The comment of Eugenia la China Suárez.

The comment of Eugenia la China Suárez.

“You’re crack”, “And if you do, that’s your problem. Hahahaha…everyone criticizes any nonsense”“I would like to jaw like China”, “Queen, eat as you like” and “Need to clarify? Let them tell it how they want!! Hahahaha” his fans replied.

The rapprochement with L-Gand a few meters from Wanda Nara

china suarez He wasn’t the only famous person who attended the Bresh on Saturday. The famous actress has shared the space with various media personalities such as Troubleto whom she has been romantically linked in the past.

The actress danced until the wee hours of the morning.  video capture

The actress danced until the wee hours of the morning. video capture

There were also the exes Big Brother Daniela Celis, Julieta Poggio, Thiago Medina and Marcos Ginocchio, among others; the actress Valentina Zenere and L-Gante and Wanda Nara themselves, who came and went separately.

“L-Gante and Wanda said goodbye, they exchanged a few words, but how he was closer to China Suárez’s group, she went to the other side of the vip. L-Gante asked China to sing with him, but she said no,” said Pochi, owner of the Instagram profile @gossipeame.

China Suárez in the Bresh last Saturday.

China Suárez in the Bresh last Saturday.

Meanwhile, the mother of Rufina, Magnolia AND Amancio she stayed on the track surrounded by her people and gave her all, so much so that some of her fans started to doubt her image.

The truth is that the big news of the evening was when L-Gante approached her to say hello. According to the comments that have been made in very morning (City Magazine, at 10) China and the musician “chatted all the time, but Wanda and L-Gante neither ball, zero.” Well, apparently, the creator of Cumbia 420 would have been behind Eugenia’s pazos.

Source: Clarin

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