Tomás Holder, controversial: he revealed his keys to “success” and criticized the workers

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Thomas Ownerin his Instagram account, he revealed his keys to success to his followers, but it generated controversy question workers who complete a day’s work and earn “normal wages.”

“I’ve been asked many times how to be successful in life. Well, I’ll tell you once and pay attention”began by saying the former participant of Big Brother (Telephone).

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Then, he started detailing the keys to his supposed success. “In life you have to be constant and you don’t have to be ashamed of anything. Shame limits you. When I started on Tik Tok I racked up thousands of criticisms. I was from Rosario, with a shit cell phone, poor quality videos… and I got to where I am,” said the Rosario influencer.

“I live where I want, how I want, with the people I want… I have no schedule, I don’t depend on anyone, I have my money, everything is legal, everything is correct.”she added, bragging about her lifestyle.

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Tomás Holder has caused controversy by revealing his "keys to success".  Video capture.

Tomás Holder has caused controversy by revealing his “keys to success”. Video capture.

“Next step, visualize yourself. Visualize where you want to be, when you want to get there and how you want to get there. I always envisioned where I wanted to be and still do. And I will, because I’m a constant guy,” Holder indicated, continuing with the keys to him.

And then he made a rather unfortunate statement: “Even if you see a character on the networks and you go ‘hey, what an idiot this guy, what an idiot he does’. I’m not the one who gets up to work at 7 in the morning for a normal job, earning a normal salary. So, is it you or is it me?”said Holder, who hit media coverage days ago when an intimate video she recorded with an erotic influencer went viral.

“Next step, fool, Meet people who have the same expectations as you or more. Meet people of your level or higher. If you want to be a millionaire, join five millionaires and you will be the sixth. If you date five addicts you will be the sixth. If you team up with five losers, you’ll be the sixth. Tell me who you are with and I will tell you who you are,” she concluded.

The new aesthetic touch-up by Tomás Holder

Also on his Instagram account, where he has more than a million followers, the first deleted by the last Big Brother he was talking about his brand new cosmetic retouch on face.

“I came to put tension wires. It makes you look much more torn. And the truth is, it’s quite a change,” Holder explained.

“It’s okay and it’s super good”, continuous. “I wanted to experiment a bit and I liked the change. It’s very good,” she concluded.

Source: Clarin

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