Rusherking has revealed the truth behind his alleged falling out with Marcos Ginocchio

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After versions that Rusherking and Marcos Ginocchio would fight for China Suárezthe singer spoke with Estefanía Berardi and She told him the truth behind that supposedly awkward encounter with the winner of Big Brother.

The rumors started following a video he posted Pepe Ochoa, head of networks of THEY (America, Monday-Friday at 8:00 p.m.), in which he said that, apparently, The first from China was walking along Avenida del Libertador when he saw the man from Salta He was leaving a famous restaurant located in Martínez.

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According to Ochoa, in a violent act, the man from Santiago would have crossed the car towards “Cousin” and then yelled at him: Don’t mess with China, okay?”in reference to the meeting that the actress and Ginocchio had at a party and after which they started following each other on social networks.

Hear these statements, the speaker of that same program, Estefanía Berardi, wrote to the young artist to consult him on the veracity of this fact, which he immediately denied.

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“I spoke to Rusher recently, he can’t believe what they are saying and adds that they are laughing at Marcos because of the lie,” Berardi told the nearly 900,000 users who follow her through her Instagram stories.

Rusherking denied Estefanía Berardi fought Marcos Ginocchio.  instagram

Rusherking denied Estefanía Berardi fought Marcos Ginocchio. instagram

“They Get Along Barbarians”told program speaker Ángel de Brito about the relationship between the former Big Brother and the interpreter of I want to believe.

And finally confirming the good vibes between the two protagonists of this story, Rusher gave it to her Pleases to two posts on Twitter who talk about their values ​​and the kind of people they are, away from the scandals.

In the first, a user wrote: “Neither Marcos Ginocchio nor Rusherking would do such a thing, in fact they would talk to each other to go eat locro and empanadas». As it happens, both are typical foods from northern Argentina, where they both come from: the ‘little brother’ is from Salta and the ragpicker from Santiago.

Rusherking likes on Twitter.

Rusherking likes on Twitter.

In another message that received a “like” from Rusher, journalist Germán Avalos Billinghurst expressed: “I have no doubts that both Marcos Ginocchio and Rusherking are two intelligent, nice and judicious guys.; They have to abstract themselves from the nonsense that is being said in networks and some media (something that has existed and will always exist) and continue with their careers which are very successful.”

How did the alleged fight between Marcos and Rusherking go?

According to Pepe Ochoa’s account, Rusher was in the car which he had given to China for his birthday, the New Volkswagen Beetle 2006 model, which he returned to him after the breakup. Ginocchio, for his part, was accompanied by friends with whom he had gone to eat for Martínez.

The car that Rusherking gave to China Suárez and which she later returned to him.  instagram

The car that Rusherking gave to China Suárez and which she later returned to him. instagram

The reporter explained it Seeing Marcos on the sidewalk of the restaurant, Rusherking ran through his ex’s car and, in addition to insulting him, yelled at him not to mess with China.

And he continued: “Then of course he insulted him from top to bottom, there was a lot of yelling. And then Rusher decides to speed down Avenida Libertador with the car that he had given to China Suárez.

In this context, Pepe said so Marcos “got into a taxi and left the place in shock at the situation.”

Source: Clarin

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