The man beaten by Nicole Neumann’s boyfriend broke his silence and spoke his truth

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In early May, the details of a scandalous fight in which he starred Manuel Urceraboyfriend and future husband of Nicholas Neumann, at the end of a career in road tourism in Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos. Now, the beaten man broke the silence and told how the facts stood.

The victim is Ramiro Roda and he was interviewed Show Partners (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 10:30), where he was able to tell his truth. “It was in jest because it all started when I took a picture with him and I wanted to make a joke that I regretted at the exact moment and until now I’m sorry,” he specified about the beginning of the discussion.

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Given this information, Rodrigo Lussich, director of the cycle together with Adrián Pallares, asked him: “Did you yell at him cuckold?” “No, no, never because I’m a fan of Vélez, a fan of Fabián Cubero and I would never disrespect the woman or her daughters,” Ramiro replied.

Then, he revealed what he said to the racing driver that made him so angry: “I asked him if he was going to Cubero’s farewell… it went badly at the time, I regret it and I regret it to this day.”

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In "Socios del Espectáculo" they interviewed l

In “Socios del Espectáculo” they interviewed the man beaten by Nicole Neumann’s boyfriend. Television capture

“Are you taking me to the party?” Urcera scolded Rodaaccording to the victim’s version. “No, excuse me, I wanted to make a joke, it went wrong, I apologize”, says he cleared up Nicole’s boyfriend.

“At the moment He pushes me, he grabs my shirt, his safety comes and separates us”Ramiro recalled, giving details of the violent encounter.

“When he started to leave I told him again: “I’m sorry if I disrespected you.” And he says to me: ‘Yes, I apologize'”Roda recreated the conversation between the two.

José Manuel Urcera, last TC champion.  ACTC press photo

José Manuel Urcera, last TC champion. ACTC press photo

“I approach him, give him my right hand, he pulls me towards him with his left and hits me on the chin with his right. he throws me to the ground and I hit my head in a sewer that was right there on the side,” he described, recounting how it was the blow he received and that he passed out.

In this sense, the victim thanked his lawyers Fernando Burlando and Juan Tiberio for giving him “a hand to be able to tell his truth” because he has “many work problems”.

It should be remembered that until now only one health worker had spoken who told another version to this one.

Regarding his state of health, Ramiro revealed the physical problems he suffered: “I lost a denture I had on my upper teeth and part of my teeth. I also have four points in the lead.”

This is how Ramiro Rodas remained after the coup by Manu Urcera.  Television capture

This is how Ramiro Rodas remained after the coup by Manu Urcera. Television capture

When asked if he had lost consciousness from the pineapple, Roda said: “According to my friends I lost consciousness, I don’t remember, I remember wanting to get up but couldn’t feel my legs and security took me off the premises, they never assisted me.”

“I’ve been following TC for a long time, I’ve always taken a picture with everyone and I’ve never had any problems with anyone, but he’s a new driver,” said the man who is a fan of these car races and that’s why he was there.

Speaker Mariana Brey wanted to know if the stories that he was drunk were true. “No, no, not at all. I am taken to the hospital on Saturday evening and discharged at midnight. They gave me stitches, X-rays, they measured my alcohol, they did everything”, he listed the studies they had to do after the coup.

“A doctor told me there were a lot of lawyers out there. I just wanted to see my friends, they told me that many cars passed through the hospital, they drove around because they said I was in a coma“He recalled the hours after the fight with Neumann’s boyfriend.

“It’s hard for me to go out and talk, I’ve never looked for anything, nor do I want anything, I want to go back to my common life, Go to work. I don’t want to claim anything, I want my life”, asked the victim represented by Burlando and Tiberio. The latter revealed to Brey that the judicial claim against Urcera will be for serious injuries.

On the question of whether the athlete should be punished, Roda said: “Yes, he deserves a sanction, because he is the example of the last champion and then I’ve been going on tour for many years and the champions are gentlemen who take pictures next to us”.

In this sense, he revealed what is his biggest disappointment after all that happened with the model’s future husband: “What I want to know today is why I shook his right hand apologizing and he hit me. He told me everything was fine.”

And he asked Roda: “Has anyone from Urcera’s circle communicated with you?” “No, never with me”Ramiro revealed on the air.

The romantic holidays of Nicole and her future husband in Rio de Janeiro

In a kind of pre-honeymoon, before the celebration of their wedding, the couple went to Brazil for a week. In the middle of the interview with the man beaten by Urcera, Lussich showed the images of this escape and criticized them: “This is their reality, versus your reality.”

Nicole Neumann and Manu Urcera's holidays in Rio de Janeiro.  instagram

Nicole Neumann and Manu Urcera’s holidays in Rio de Janeiro. instagram

“It’s them now, living the good life in Rio, while you make a claim after an unjustified beating from every point of view”, remarked the host of the El Trece cycle.

Source: Clarin

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