Home Entertainment Jorge Rial was discharged and shared the first photo while resting at home

Jorge Rial was discharged and shared the first photo while resting at home

Jorge Rial was discharged and shared the first photo while resting at home

This Wednesday night George Rial He was discharged from the Finochietto Sanatorium and was able to return to his home, located in the Belgrano district, where he continues his recovery after suffering a cardiac event, in the last days of April, during his vacation in Bogota, Colombia.

On his Instagram account, where he accumulates more than 1.2 million followers, the driver of Argentzuela (C5N, Monday to Friday at 3.00pm) He shared a photo of himself at his home.

“Already at home”said Rial, who was shown enjoying a cup of coffee, as he did days ago in an image he shared from the Clínica del Country, a medical institution where he was treated in Bogotá.

"At home."  The photo that Jorge Rial shared on Instagram.

“At home.” The photo that Jorge Rial shared on Instagram.

On Tuesday 9, in the night, with a medical flight, Rial returned to Argentina and was transferred to Finochietto, where, at the request of his personal doctor, Guillermo Capuya, he remained for less than 24 hours. in observation.

In that period various information began to circulate on the state of health of the journalist and the driver. To clarify, Rial spoke with Ángel de Brito and clarified what the situation is with him.

“Today they gave you up for dead, said you were in critical condition and also talked about the possibility (that you needed) of a heart transplant,” with which the LAM driver (America, Monday to Friday at 8: 00 pm) wrote to his colleague. And Rial replied: “Hahaha, I’m fine. He’s a brainless person who threw the transplant thing away.”

“I want to rest. It was a huge scare which, luckily and thanks to the Colombian doctors, I managed to overcome”said the former Intruders driver, who described himself as “a survivor”.

“I’ll tell everything, I’m just hypothesizing and reconstructing,” Rial explained to De Brito in another message.

“Talking now is a fart,” Rial continued. I need time to process everything. What happened to me was very strong. Really, I’m very tired: I spent five days in the Intensive Care Unit and another three in a room of the sanatorium,” Rial then pointed out, who assured that he did not know why no medical reports were released during his hospitalization in Bogotá, Colombia: “I calculate that the situation has reversed or it will be a safety measure of the clinic in the case of a foreigner…”.

And then he analyzed: “I had to live all this in another country, away from my family and friends. When I reconstruct everything that happened to me, I will speak. Today, I want silence.”


Source: Clarin


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