Esfefi Berardi attacks Yanina Latorre in the air: “You’re aggressive and you like to destroy your teammates”

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Estefi Berardi and Yanina Latorre had a ruthless cross THEY (America, at age 20). The speakers of the cycle led by Ángel De Brito started discussing the information related to Jorge Rial e They ended up saying it all on the air.

It is not news to those watching the program that Estefi Berardi and Yanina Latorre get along very well. But yesterday, Friday, the confrontation between them has reached a level of aggression that is difficult to bear.

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A new and fierce crossing between Estefi Berardi and Yanina Latorre in LAM.  Catch TV.

A new and fierce crossing between Estefi Berardi and Yanina Latorre in LAM. Catch TV.

The issue on which the discussion between the two began, which then resulted in a war of reproaches and cross accusations, was none other than Jorge Rial’s health and his future work after he was very seriously injured due to a myocardial infarction which he suffered in Bogota, Colombia.

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The journalist, among other things, is already in Buenos Aires, at home, but following the doctor’s instructions to finish recovering from the complicated situation experienced during his vacation in Colombia.

When they referred to the issue of the reinstatement of Jorge Rial a Argentzuela (C5N, at 3 pm), Estefi assured. According to what he was able to glean from channel sources, the driver said would resume running the program in June Next.

Yanina denied it, telling her that she had exchanged messages with Rial, who reassured her who still doesn’t have a return-to-work date. And he read what the journalist wrote to him: “It will be the day it should be, not one day more or one day less. Next week I will sit down (to talk) with people from the channel…”.

There Latorre stopped reading Rial’s message, looked at Estefi and remarked: “He hasn’t spoken to anyone from the channel yet.” De Brito then commented: “It seems to me that the group wants him to come back now, but he won’t come back…”.

Latorre to Estefi Berardi: “Now tell us you didn’t sleep with Fede Bal… You’re a liar”

“They tell me that this conversation (between the channel and Jorge Rial) existed,” Berardi insisted. Then, Yanina got angry and attacked her partner: “Jorge Rial is watching the program and he is telling me, and it is in the first person. I understand that you have a problem and you always said a lot of nonsense.

That said, Yanina Latorre risked it cheap by raising an issue about Estefi’s private life: “Poor girl, I’m sorry for you,” he told her. “Now tell us you didn’t sleep with Fede Bal. a liar.”

Estefi, to Yanina: “You made many colleagues fired, and this makes you happy”

Outraged, Estefi returned the attention: “You’re a misogynist and have a problem with women.. With China Suárez, you do the same. you are aggressive: When you give information, you like to make the other feel bad, you like destroying your teammatesYou have kicked out many colleagues and this makes you happy ”.

Estefi Berardi, to Yanina Latorre: "You

Estefi Berardi, to Yanina Latorre: “You’re aggressive, you like making others feel bad, you like destroying your teammates.” Catch TV.

De Brito took the floor to say that things had not gone like this with the former speakers THEY. But far from shrinking, Berardi held his ground and bet more. “They left a lot because they couldn’t stand your mistreatment“, Heand recriminated Yanina.

And he added: “Nequi Galotti told me that he had a panic attack live. It’s not nice to be attacked or treated badly, however much one thinks differently”. Strong, the speaker of THEY condemned: “In no program does it happen that they attack so much, in any”.

Source: Clarin

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