A Small Light, the fiction about the woman who saved and edited Anne Frank’s diary

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This is not a spin off. It’s a series in itself. But, calmly, it could be read as the satellite detachment of another story. Who A little light, the character of Anne Frank – whose dramatic story has crossed borders and generations – is not the main one. Yet this fiction allows us to approach her story from another angle. From the eyes of Miep Gies. And, more than once, theirs are filled with tears.

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This National Geographic production arrived on Star+ on May 2, with its first two episodes. And it goes up by one a week until the completion of 8 (between 50 minutes and an hour).

without intending to ruinthe Series has a wild start, narratively speakingthen it decays into a certain repetition of the climate of the time and situation, and once again intensifies its story: a raw story about resistance, pain, death, loyalty and love in all its forms.

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Great composition work by Briton Bel Powley as Miep Gies.

Great composition work by Briton Bel Powley as Miep Gies.

Biographical in nature, but with fictitious licences which allows you to change some minor facts or nuances of the characters, A Small Light does not lose rigor in bringing to the screen the memories of a woman who has gone down in historyby the way, for having been the one who saved and edited Anne Frank’s diarywritten by the German girl in times of survival and darkness, in a hideout in Amsterdam.

Even if every time his texts are mentioned – in the press, in literature, in schools, in life – the people who hosted his family are mentioned, Miep had not, until now, had her fictional lead role. And the Nat Geo creative team decided to honor the Austrian, then settled in the Netherlands, who died on 11 January 2010, aged 100.

Without solemnity, the series balance between biopic and drama, showing the evolution of a young man that -if she didn’t find work- she would have been destined to marry her brother. Faced with that mandate, she managed to get hired by someone: and so it was eight francs (interpreted by Liev Schreiberthe Ray Donovan of the homonymous series, here unrecognizable), Ana’s father, who gave her the first chance in his jam business.

She wasn’t very good at preparing them, as she was his secretary. In the first episode, from a captivating rhythm, you can see how that bond is enriched, washed down with gratitudesolidarity, loyalty and memory.

From 1933, the year in which they met, passes, calmly and with a good dose of information that the -short and energetic- scenes release, to the 1940s, when the boss asks his secretary to help him shelter his familywho comes from Germany, fleeing Nazism.

Miep Gies (in green dress), helps Anne Frank's sister Margot get through a Nazi checkpoint.

Miep Gies (in green dress), helps Anne Frank’s sister Margot get through a Nazi checkpoint.

Despite the fact that the story is known to many, this long-winded and overproduced fiction rips the veil off a woman who always appears in the history of the Franks. And now, in a way, the poster is reversed.

Miep, masterfully played by the British Bel Powley, takes the decision to hide and protect the Franks and other people for more than two years, risking. She doesn’t do it alone, but with her husband Jan (Joe Cole), which have in A little light (some light) all the spotlights on them. Deservedly.


drama and biopic protagonists: Bel Powley and Liev Schreiber Creation: Tony Phelan and Joan Rater Address: Susanna Fogel Problem: Eight episodes (for now there are three available, so one a week) on Star+.

Source: Clarin

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