Marco Antonio Solís keeps adding performances and it’s already his third: when will he sing and where to buy tickets?

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Marco Antonio Solís, a Latin star with a career spanning almost fifty years and more than 80 million records sold worldwide, has sold out tickets for his two Buenos Aires shows at the 25 and 26 October at the Movistar Arena from the Villa Crespo neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Then he added a third feature for the 28th of that same month.

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Tickets are on sale and

El Buki, the nickname by which the Mexican singer Marco Antonio Solís is known.

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El Buki, the nickname by which the Mexican singer Marco Antonio Solís is known.

Its beginnings

In the early 1970s, he started a musical career together with his cousin Joel Soliswhich ultimately resulted in the creation of the flagship Mexican group, Los Bukis.

It didn’t take him long to establish himself as a composer with the recording of my fantasy, in 1984, and since then its very name has advanced the whole concept of the word “romantic”. With Your prison made history in Latin America by selling for the first time over one and a half million copiesevent with which Los Bukis took first place Diamond disc which was delivered to a Spanish-speaking artist.

After the stage in Los Bukis, Marco Antonio set himself another challenge: be successful as a soloist. His first production in this phase was titled with prophetic delirium in full flight. Since then, his inspiration (winged), the charisma of his stage presence, the refined craftsmanship of his work and the defined timbre of his voice have elevated him to the status of legend of Latin music.

The value of tickets to see it varies from $13,500 Until $36,500 + service fee and they will be available.

Source: Clarin

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