Jorge Rial underlined the support he received from his girlfriend and answered if taking Viagra caused him a heart attack

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Once its participation in the radial cycle is over Argentzuela (Radio 10), where for the first time he spoke and recounted the details of the heart attack he suffered during his vacation in Bogotá, Colombia, and acknowledged that he had been “dead for ten minutes”, George Rial (61) spoke with intruders (America, Monday to Friday at 3pm) and referred to his new girlfriend, María del Mar Ramon.

“I’m recovering from the scare. My whole body hurts. My rib cage hurts. They beat me, they gave me three shocks to get me out, but hey, here I am”, began the journalist and driver, who He remarked that he had “sudden death, I was dead for 10 minutes”.

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“Now in the next few days I have a general review to see how everything is and then see… But for now, nothing,” added the ex Intruders.​

Jorge Rial whitewashed his relationship with María del Mar Ramón.  Catch TV.

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Jorge Rial whitewashed his relationship with María del Mar Ramón. Catch TV.

Then, Rial faced several voices that were said during the days he was hospitalized at the Clínica del Country in Bogotá. “There has been a lot of talk… ‘he has a lot of bad blood’, ‘he eats badly’… I eat very well, in fact they don’t know how much good my studies have given me, cholesterol, zero fat… I’m formidable. The doctor he told me ‘eat whatever you want'”, the driver also explained Argentzuela in C5N (Monday to Friday at 3pm).

“I didn’t take a quilombo, I didn’t take a kick, I didn’t take Viagra”, Rial convicted, denying the rumours. And when questioned by the reporter of the cycle led by Florencia de la Ve, he remarked: “No, none of this. Nothing”.

Later, they consulted him directly about his new partner, the Colombian writer Maria del Mar Ramon. “She’s a great writer, a great writer”replied Rial, who later stressed that she was very supportive during her hospitalization: “(He accompanied me) to die. It was very important.”

María del Mar Ramón, Jorge Rial's current partner.  Photo: Instagram.

María del Mar Ramón, Jorge Rial’s current partner. Photo: Instagram.

Subsequently, Rial also highlighted his daughters, Morena and Rocío, and his personal doctor, Guillermo Capuya, who traveled to Colombia to be by his side: “My daughters have been very important. Capuya was important.”

“I felt a very strong pain in my chest. The pain woke me up. I realized it wasn’t normal. I called my medical coverage and everything went from there,” recalled Rial, who assured that he was not afraid of suffering a similar cardiac event. It’s over: “What I want to know now is whether I left anything where I went or took anything with me, all I want to know.”

For his part, the chronicler of in the afternoon (America, Mon-Fri 3:30pm) asked Rial about the sayings of Louis Venturawho had ensured that his former friend and partner was making a “show” of his heart attack.

“I don’t want to talk about Luis Ventura. He doesn’t want to talk about anyone”, affirmed, without decadence, the journalist and the driver. And he went on to talk about his colleagues: “Each one behaved as he wanted, as he felt, as he could…”.

“I have to put my life in order from now on. My priorities are different”then added Rial, sowing uncertainty about his professional future, both in radio and television.

Jorge Rial’s account of the heart attack he suffered in Colombia

Source: Clarin

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