Lali Esposito got tired and published a lapidary message against Maxi Trusso

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Maxi Trusso’s controversial statements about Lali Esposito, whom he defined as “the greatest exponent of fat”, are still making headlines. Is that after a ironic message of pop idol, the 52-year-old singer-songwriter doubled down on her bet and this Tuesday she has crossed at the top.

In detail, the interpreter of Nothing at all implied that with his strong statements against Lali, he had helped her sell the artist’s brand new album.

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LALI becomes longest running domestic album in Argentine physical sales list in 2023overcoming Cupid by Tini Stoessel,” they commented in a report by Chirping dedicated to the aforementioned singer.

And Trusso, who has never welcomed the 31-year-old singer’s success, commented on that tweet with a terse message: “I finally did a promo for the album. I blow you a kiss.”

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Maxi Trusso still in Lali Esposito's sights.

Maxi Trusso still in Lali Esposito’s sights.

“Shut up, fat ricotero”, A Lali fan replied. “I’ve never eaten a uterus to know if it’s tasty,” Trusso reacted. “Does it hurt? I love it”, asked another follower of the artist. To which the reference to the electropop genre read: “How will it hurt? It put me in a good mood… I woke up different today.”

“But shut up sir, that the only one who listened to it was my old man who is more dead than his music,” claimed another user who went to Lali bank. “Sorry about your father, hope you are well. Kiss”, replied the musician and DJ.

Hence, due to the large number of messages in support of his music, the recognized artist intervened through his account Chirping with a message in which he didn’t wow Trusso but spoke to his fans.

“Don’t give so much importance to everything, my love! Sing ‘Who are they’ stop! This is what I do”he wrote, thus quoting one of his latest successes, which speaks of envy, aggression and attacks that take place on social networks, as in this case.

Lali Esposito replied to Maxi Trusso without being overwhelmed.

Lali Esposito replied to Maxi Trusso without being overwhelmed.

Maxi Trusso’s controversial criticism of Lali Esposito and the new generations

“This is a rare phenomenon. Sorry to put it like this, girls are divine. Lali (Esposito) seems divine to me, a great actress. Tini (Stoessel) looks divine to me, very cool, a influencerswhatever you want… But I’m not a rocker,” he began by saying max trusso in a recent note he gave to intruders (America, Monday to Friday at 1pm).

And followed: “They are artists of the modern world, they are influencers and they are this, but they are not rockers. There is no rock and roll. Rock and roll is another thing, it’s hitting bad luck and they didn’t hit bad luck.”

“It’s not the girls fault, they’re not guilty, they have nothing to do with it. They’re divine, they’re very pretty. Lali, as she once said, is a pretty pony, she’s a pretty girl.”he added at another point in the interview.

And almost at the end, he pointed directly to the interpreter of Disciplinesaying: “He’s trying to sing well, but join us Lali, join the neighborhood, let’s drink some whiskey and rock and roll”. And he sentenced, piquant: “She is the ultimate exponent of fat.”

Tweet by Lali Esposito for the words of Maxi Trusso.

Tweet by Lali Esposito for the words of Maxi Trusso.

“This ‘moment’ can’t be ‘Who I am’ anymore Hahahahaha. Kisses”, the idol tweeted hours after those terrible statements teenager. As your representative, Pepo Ferradas revealed the ostensible reason for Trusso’s anger at Esposito: “She looks like an artist angry that Lali didn’t want to sing on her album.”

Source: Clarin

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