Did Daniel Osvaldo greet Gianinna Maradona on her birthday and… did he mention Jimena Barón?

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daniele osvaldo shared a story of this Tuesday instagram to publicly greet his girlfriend, Gianinna Maradonaon his birthday, with a dedication that included a strong indirect For Jimena Barone.

In detail, the former footballer and father of momoson of the singer, turned to his account of the aforementioned social network, where he is followed by more than half a million users, to dedicate a happy anniversary to his partner, who was also his ex’s best friend.

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“Happy birthday to the person who was, is and will be the woman of my life”he began by telling the leader of the Barrio Viejo about an image of him in which he is seen embracing Gianinna.

And followed: “Whatever happens and regardless of who weighs it. Happy birthday to you, Dinorah.”

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Daniel Osvaldo's post for Gianinna Maradona's birthday.

Daniel Osvaldo’s post for Gianinna Maradona’s birthday.

Even if Osvaldo’s greeting doesn’t surprise the followers of the daughter of Tenthat they are already used to comings and goings of the coupleit is clear that the content of said message is intended as a reply to Barón.

Is that, days ago, the interpreter of the cobra He returned to the news on all news portals for his statements in an interview on the betrayal who swears she suffered from Gianinna, which was her Friend and today she is engaged to her former partner.

The spider was for me a difficult song come from withinhard to share because I knew that I was exposing myself again with my stories and my feelings”, Barón began in a video he posted on Instagram talking about the composition of The spiderhis song inspired by his fight with Gianinna.

Daniel Osvaldo and Gianinna Maradona, together and in love.

Daniel Osvaldo and Gianinna Maradona, together and in love.

And followed: “It’s a story from my life that has brought a lot of pain. A betrayal with a great friendship from a very important person to me, who was at a very important moment in my life and was very supportive and who, well, ended up taking this turn. unexpected betrayal absolute…”.

“And it was something of mine suffocated in my heart nine or eight years ago, So having written this song and releasing it meant removing a lot of personal stuff,” he continued.

In that video, Jimena recalled that her father had just died when she saw that her ex, through Osvaldo, was with another woman (militates bora) and Gianinna “really” helped her a lot.

Then, again according to the story of the actress, one fine day the photos she showed Gianinna and Osvaldo embracing and laughing out loud inside a bowling alley. And from that moment the relationship between friends was never the same. Plus, it’s broken forever.

Daniel Osvaldo and Jimena Barón during the last reconciliation they had, in the midst of a pandemic.  Photo: Instagram.

Daniel Osvaldo and Jimena Barón during the last reconciliation they had, in the midst of a pandemic. Photo: Instagram.

“It’s something I had for breakfast one day on TV and on Twitter. So I wanted to do the same thing, which for me was the absolute shockbut be present and look closely at it, digest it, heal it and pass it on,” she explained.

Also, Jimena remembered the day she recorded the video clip of The spider and experienced a situation that was quite amazing. That’s what the dancers she chose to star in that love story were called Paul Daniellike Osvaldo, and she, Dorinavery similar to Giannina’s middle name: Dinora.

“And who would have thought that? Who would have guessed? What was it Finally, my friend, the one who loved me so much, cheated on me.. I entrusted him with so much pain,” Barón says in the chorus of the aforementioned song.

Source: Clarin

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