Maura Icardi spoke about her relationship with Wanda Nara, told her truth: “It bored me too”

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Mauro Icardi answered questions from his followers on instagram and talked about her relationship with Wanda Nara: Told if she’s still in a relationship and what the bond is like with his wife and mother of his daughters.

After Wanda assures that she is single, footballer opened a question box in the aforementioned social network and some of the ten million users who follow it wanted to know more than anything else about his relationship with the media.

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“Why does Wanda always do the same thing if she doesn’t need to? Are you always separated when you want to go out?” It was one of the questions. To which Mauro answered: “Put it on” and a crying with laughter emoticon.

Are Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi together?  Photo: Instagram

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Are Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi together? Photo: Instagram

In another, they made him a piquant proposition: “Why don’t you stop suffering and marry me, Mauro? I really don’t understand you.” “First because I don’t suffer and I laugh with so many inventions – Wanda Nara’s husband replied – second because I’ve been married for 10 years”, showing a very different position from that of Wanda.

As for the daughters What do you have with the driver? masterchef (Telefe), Francesca and Isabella Icardi, Galatasaray player revealed that the girls live with him.

Another follower went down to the bone and directly chastised him: “Are you separated? What about Wanda?”. “The only truth is that she asked me to buy her tickets and I said no, so she’s separated. And how many go? It also bored me”said the ex PSG tired of the twists and turns with his wife.

The questions that Mauro Icardi asked himself from his followers.  instagram

The questions that Mauro Icardi asked himself from his followers. instagram

Do not eat the verse or the invention of infidelities”assured with respect to the controversial versions circulated in recent times on the matter an affair he allegedly had with another womanaccording to Gosippeame’s Instagram account, something he was instructed to deny from the start.

Wanda Nara accompanied L-Gante to the Gardel Awards 2023

Wanda Naraseparated from Mauro Icardi, e L-Ghent surprised all when they arrived together at the 2023 Gardel Awards, but the couple’s departure didn’t end there. Their night continued at a party in which they spent dancing and having fun with friends.

the driver of masterchef and the cumbia singer They arrived together to the party that brings together and recognizes Argentine artists of different musical genres.

They were both dressed in blackshe with a long coat and high boots, and he with sneakers, a cap and chains that he combined with elegant trousers and a shiny jacket.

During the awards ceremony which took place at the Movistar Arena stadium, artist RKT had a live show on the main stage, together with his colleagues La Joaqui, Peipper and Rei.

Once the event is over, the party continued hand in hand with Bresh, place where both the media and Tamara Báez’s ex usually go. The appointment this time was at the Vórterix theater in the Colegiales district and she arrived at the place with a romantic detail which he shared on his social networks.

Wanda Nara wore clothes borrowed from L-Gante.  instagram

Wanda Nara wore clothes borrowed from L-Gante. instagram

Before arriving, Maxi López’s ex uploaded to his Instagram account a photo with Elián, as his real name, in which they were both dressed in a sporty way and wrote: “When you don’t have the clothes to follow her and the king lends you everything”.

Already on site, they spent the night together and with his friends. She danced with everyone, was very close and integrated in her group and even uploaded stories with La Joaqui, Flor Vigna and Julieta Poggio.

Source: Clarin

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