Anamá Ferreira’s exit after her surprise resignation from heaven: “They made fun of me and I got angry”

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anama ferreira He starred in a tense moment on air when he stepped down live from the program gossip (NET TV, Mon-Fri 1pm) after having a short discussion with the host Pilar Smith and the rest of the program members.

Hours after expressing her annoyance, standing up and leaving the chair empty, Anamá spoke to her clarion and admitted that she was still very upset by the treatment she received from her colleagues.

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“I got angry because it didn’t feel like… I don’t know… I have a scoop which is fine, it’s news from Juana Viale, good news… Nothing… television is all about separations and quilombos”, began the former Brazilian model, expressing her his discomfort at what happened.

“I wanted to give some good news, but they made fun of me and I got angry. I’m super excited. But hey, it’s going to happen to me too”he acknowledged, when asked why he made the decision to withdraw from the program.

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Anamá Ferreira left the Gossip air and left the chair empty.  Catch TV.

Anamá Ferreira left the Gossip air and left the chair empty. Catch TV.

Anamá acknowledged that the discomfort “will pass”, however, it won’t be there in the next few days Gossip.

“Not for now (I’m going back), I’m going away for a while and when I come back I’ll see how things are going, I need to calm down and relax”assured Anamá, who recounted what would be a condition for her to return to the program: “If they apologize out there… Who knows, then we’ll see.”

At the same time, consulted by clarionPilar gave her version of what happened: “We had a little doubt of the photo that Anamá exclusively sold of Juana Viale with her new boyfriend. It seemed to us that they were rearranged, that they were produced, that they were not ‘impatient ‘ as she said and well, we asked him, weren’t those photos stolen for us.”

“She got angry and left. The truth is very strange. We wait for you tomorrow, tomorrow we will see what happens. We don’t understand,” the presenter acknowledged, hoping to meet her supervisor again, which Anamá herself assured would not happen. And she reiterated: “She got angry, she didn’t agree that we questioned the photo. We thought the photos were kind of an aside.”

How was the resignation of Anamá Ferreira from the air

The conflict arose when Anamá presented on the air some photographs of the Spanish musician Rodrigo Pahlen, who assured that he was Juana Viale’s new partner. Pilar Smith and the rest of the jury members ensured that the images weren’t enough proof to confirm the romance, since they were seen together as they are currently performing a show they are presenting in Madrid, Spain. This upset Anama.

“Anamá, I will not allow you to come here to the program to sell rotten fruit. You tell us exclusive material and it’s a photo of this man standing, walking. You brought posed photos…”, complained Pilar.

“Are you serious?” Anamá replied. Indignant, she added: “You can only talk about separations, quarrels, people dressed badly.I can’t talk about anything! I talked about Wanda (Nara) wearing Versace and you’re like, ‘What does it matter?’”

The tension continued until Anamá got tired and made the decision to pack her things and leave her post. “They bored me. The truth is that this is not for me. I came here to work, to tell good and beautiful things, love stories, love. The truth made me sick”He threw.

“I’m leaving here. I don’t work like this”he added and left everyone surprised.

Anamá Ferreira expressed her discomfort on the air and then left the program.  Catch TV.

Anamá Ferreira expressed her discomfort on the air and then left the program. Catch TV.

Pilar, who first stated that they were joking with her colleagues, later expressed: “We were really scoring it, we were carrying a photo, it says ‘exclusive’. I am the host, Anamá says in the cut: ‘I have spectacular material , super exclusive, that everyone collects it.” And it’s a photo of this man with the tool…”.

“The truth is that they take us like this… The truth is that we are all very saddened, I did not imagine that we would end the program like this, I am really sorry, this has overwhelmed us”he concluded.

Source: Clarin

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