Radio Miter and La 100, owners of the April airing: how were the AM and FM ratings?

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Thursday evening, after learning the new audience measurements for the month of April, Radio Mithras once again stood out as the most listened to station in Argentina, in AM and FM, where the 100 continues to lead the segment Monday through Sunday.

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The latest measurements have confirmed that Miter is once again consolidating itself as the most listened to AM radio in the country, as it repeats year after year.

Jorge Lanata and Eduardo Feinmann, two AM programming leaders of Radio Mitre.

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Jorge Lanata and Eduardo Feinmann, two AM programming leaders of Radio Mitre.

The digits in AM

On this occasion, the cold April numbers indicate yes an average ignition of 35.4% Monday to Friday. Behind were La Red 16.0%, Radio 10, 12.1% and Rivadavia 11.7%.

It should be noted that Marcelo Longobardi landed in Rivadavia and it didn’t work, at least not in a lightning-fast way. Last month Rivadavia got 9.4%. It means that he has improved, but there is still a 23.7% difference compared to the leader.

An important figure is that in March the machine gun had 35.1%, that is, it increased by 0.3%.

Radio Mitra, with the programs of Eduardo Feinmann and Jorge Lanata as a figureheadmaintains its broad supremacy over the competition.

The measurements of these first months of 2023 confirm the trend which, despite the changes in both AM and FM, they have not been able to reverse in all these years of leadership of the two frequencies of the broadcaster.

In the AM band there are also Continental, with 6.0%, AM 750 (5.5%), CNN Argentina (3.3%), Nacional (2.6%) and La 990 with 2.2% share.

Red continues to hold second place, while the last AM podium spot is returned to Radio 10.

Eduardo Feinman, protagonist with "Someone

Eduardo Feinman, protagonist with “Someone’s gotta say it”.

At Radio Miter everything starts very early, with Eduardo Feinmann at the head of Someone has to telltogether with a team composed of María Isabel Sánchez, Rolo Villar, Leandro Buonsante, Dr. Alberto Cormillot, Gabriel Iezzi and Guillermo “Willy” Laborda.

After his first year at Mitre, Feinmann continues to lead measurement with a Monday to Friday 6am to 10am cycle. Last December, for example, he won with 44.5 share points.

The journalist shares the mornings of Miter with Jorge Lanata and his men wool without filterwhich runs from 10 to 14. The program that appears at the top of the measures sees the participation of Gonzalo Sánchez, Jesica Bossi, Cecilia Boufflet, Flavia Pitella, Gabriel Levinas, Marina Calabró, Rolando Barbano, Santiago García, the “Black” Adriana Verón and Julito López.

Jorge Lanata and his program "Lanata sin filter", aired from 10 to 14 on Mitre.

Jorge Lanata and his program “Lanata sin filter”, aired from 10 to 14 on Mitre.

The rating on FM

In the FM category, La 100 continues to lead the Monday-Sunday audience segment.

over there, Santiago del Moro and Guido Kaczka have put together an unbeatable combination. The frequency modulated station came first with the 23.6%, followed by Aspen, with 14.1%. Third place goes to Disney, with 9.0%.

From Monday to Friday, Kaczka drives That’s not all saidthe most listened to delivery of its time slot and for which he won the Martín Fierro de Oro And in early morning FM, del Moro seems to have no competition as a leader from the microphone.

Guido Kaczka with his Martin Fierro 2022 award. Photo: Movilpress

Guido Kaczka with his Martin Fierro 2022 award. Photo: Movilpress

In the FM category, the April ranking sees behind La Mega, with a share of 6.1%, Pop 6%, Urbana Play, 5.2%, Los 40 4.7%, Rock & Pop 4.5%, Latina 3.6%, Blues 3.4%. . The source of the measurements is Kantar Ibope Media.

The validity of radio as a medium

Against all bad odds, the radio has been able to keep updating its format and counting on a fabulous support such as the Internet. Of course, it continues to be listened to mostly in cars (in the morning and in what is known as “the return”) and in more traditional listening houses. But it is a fact that today its great allies are computers and cell phones.

Source: Clarin

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