A series of strange statements by Jorge Rial’s new girlfriend angered Marixa Balli

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Ramón Maria del MarJorge Rial’s new girlfriend, gave an interview for the first time after the laundering of the relationship with the journalist and she was questioned a lot for her statements. especially for Marixa Ballispeaker for THEY (America, aged 20), who listened to the statements that the Colombian writer made to the cycle it was lapidary.

“What can you say about Jorge?”was the first question they asked the 30-year-old who accompanied the journalist when he suffered a heart attack in the city of Bogota. “That he is a great host of Argentine televisionthat we hope it goes very well, the truth, that everything continues well and that it has made my country look very beautiful, and that I am very happy about it, ”she replied laughing and somewhat evasively.

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Later, when they consulted him about the laughter he let out After the stormthe cycle that co-leads Futurock, speaking of the journalist’s cardiac episode, replied that he didn’t do it with bad intentions but that his cycle “It’s a program that has a strange humour.”

María del Mar is part of the cycle "After the storm", by Futurock.

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María del Mar is part of the cycle “After the storm”, by Futurock.

And he added in allusion to his indirect criticisms against THEY and Ángel de Brito, driver of the expedition: “I have nothing personal against people I don’t know. Absolutely. I was very nervous (that day), this topic makes me very nervous. I don’t have much more to say. I didn’t die and come back to life, so it doesn’t make much sense.”

Then, to close, Alejandro Castelo, notary of the show series who went looking for the writer at the end of his radio show, He asked her about the good vibes Morena and Rocío had thrown at her, Jorge’s daughters, and at that moment her he answered strangely.

María del Mar is a 30-year-old Colombian writer.

María del Mar is a 30-year-old Colombian writer.

“They must love the country very much, They must love the country very much. I also love my country very much. We came from a somewhat complicated relationship with Colombia, but now we are in a romantic moment. I’m happy about it,” he replied, as if dodging the question.

And when asked, he added without leaving the cryptic tone: “You are always happy with people who help people you love. In that sense I say thank you but any other local link would have done the same.”

Marixa Balli’s reaction to listening to her

“I don’t understand, I don’t understand”said Marixa Balli, remarkably angry, after the note to María del Mar Ramón that was broadcast on air in THEY.

And when asked by colleagues about the reason for his anger, he specified: “If you write someone a note, you need to understand what they’re responding to and the truth is, I don’t understand it.”

Marixa Balli was very hard on María del Mar. Captura TV

Marixa Balli was very hard on María del Mar. Captura TV

Furthermore, Balli underlined that “the matter was serious”, alluding to the heart attack suffered by Rial. And he added: “The truth is that what you want to hear is something else.”

“‘I’m not the one who died and rose again’, he said… In other words…”, Marixa affirmed, as if to mean that the young woman was making fun of the situation.

Source: Clarin

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