Among inconsolable tears, “La Negra” Galiano recounted the ordeal lived with the Mole Moli

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martha galianothe ex wife of Fabio la Mole Molibroke the silence intruders (America, 13:00) and spoke of the family drama that she has suffered for years as a victim of the violence that the former boxer exerts on her.

In detail, the blackas the woman is fondly known, he spoke with Headquarters flower and its rapporteurs on the process for gender violence which puts her in front of the father of her children.

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“When we get together, drank alcohol and I don’t know if it hit him or not, but it was violent”, began by saying the ex-wife of the champion of one of the editions of the Dancing for a dream.

The exes of the Mole Moli aired on Intruders.

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The exes of the Mole Moli aired on Intruders.

And after recalling one of their last separations, she said: “When he came back He blamed me for leaving him without a job…”. Meanwhile, she revealed one of the main reasons she fell out with her ex.

“He kept hitting me to tell him who my daughter’s father was. and I didn’t live drunk and to bear the punches I opened and drank a glass of wine”, recalls La Negra.

The interviewee explained that her ex partner had a bar and that the ordeal began when she discovered that he had been cheating on her for 18 years with an employee of the establishment. Following this extramarital affair, the former boxer had two children, a young man who is now 20 years old and a teenager between 15 and 16 years old.

La Negra spoke about the conflicted relationship with the father of her children.  Catch TV.

La Negra spoke about the conflicted relationship with the father of her children. Catch TV.

“She has two children out of wedlock. I think one is 20 and the girl is 15 or 16. I found out from my daughter Marina, that he (from La Mole) says she is not her daughter,” she said.

Marta recalled that when she confronted her partner at the time to talk about her extramarital children, he denied it and a few days later he presented himself with an alleged DNA and assured that Marina, one of the daughters he has in common with ” la Negra”, was not his daughter.

“Seven days later he brings me a sheet saying that Marina was not his daughter. I said to him, ‘How are you going to carry DNA from your daughter and not do DNA with those two who you say you don’t know if they are your children?’” She recalled.

According to the woman, the name of La Mole or her daughter did not appear in the document.

“That’s when he started hitting me and saying, ‘You have to tell me who the girl’s father is.’ She has been in denial for 30 years and now hasn’t spoken to my daughter in three years,” she said.

“He is the father of my five children, until a DNA is done, I will support him. I never cheated on him, I never disrespected him,” he attacked.

Then, he collapsed in front of the cameras and claimed that “he doesn’t know what my daughter cries when she hears that her father speaks ill of her. He says that my daughter has organized the mess, how will my daughter be? if she has done the quilombo”.

Source: Clarin

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