Daniel Osvaldo’s ex backed Gianinna Maradona and bet against Jimena Barón

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Elena Bracciniformer partner of daniele osvaldomade a strong release on his social networks due to the amount of criticism he received after the greeting Gianinna Maradona for his birthday. Also, she shot at Jimena Baron and criticized her for her song The spider.

It all started on May 16, when the Italian, who has two daughters in common with the footballer, uploaded an emotional post to her Instagram account, where she shared several photos of Gianinna with her daughters and wished her a happy birthday. Happy birthday.

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However, women’s networks were full of hurtful comments and criticisms.

Braccini's exit after the criticisms received for having greeted Gianinna Maradona on her birthday.  Instagram.

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Braccini’s exit after the criticisms received for having greeted Gianinna Maradona on her birthday. Instagram.

This Saturday, Osvaldo’s ex came out to defend himself in a story on the aforementioned social network where he explained: “I made a post to wish someone happiness and was attacked by comments and pictures of spiders. At first I didn’t understand why this song had never arrived in Italy, then I understood”.

“But I want to say one thing because now I’m fed up, stop judging. None of you really know how things went“, he indicated.

And he continued: “Also Stop playing the victim and accusing others of being traitors because in this story we all made mistakes for love. I personally hurt Ana and probably hurt her son. Jimena hurt me.”

Many pointed to the Italian for referring to Jimena Barón.  Instagram.

Many pointed to the Italian for referring to Jimena Barón. Instagram.

Furthermore, the woman assured that “The past is the past. You have to forgive, you have to move on, have a new life. Life is a karma, everything comes back and everything has come back for everyone. The bad things we did came back and got worse. And I think it’s time to rebuild, not destroy.”

“It’s time to forget, to continue with our strength. Rebuilding a life and a career through our skills and not bringing someone down. I repeat: we have all made mistakes. I was the first, probably, and I assume my responsibilities. But let’s move on,” she asked.

And she said: “We are all mothers and I saw when we went to Argentina that we are good mothers because our children are good, they love each other and are educated”.

Another of the messages Elena shared.  Instagram.

Another of the messages Elena shared. Instagram.

Elena’s strong defense generated even more repudiation, and to demonstrate the aggression she received from users who defended Jimena Barón, she shared some of the messages.

“Do people know how to read? Or am I the one who can’t explain myself well in Spanish? My post is not against Jimena, not at all. I just think that since she’s a very good singer, for me she can make music without accusing anyone because that means you haven’t forgotten yet,” explained the Italian.

“He’s giving importance. Since we have children in common, let’s move on! We are smart, we have talent. This does not work. This feeds the hate. I think this. Afterwards, everyone of his life does what he wants!”, she closed.

What did Elena Braccini’s birthday greeting say to Gianinna Maradona?

Elena Bracciniformer partner of daniele osvaldo and mother of two of his daughters, to whom he dedicated a very special post Gianinna Maradona on his birthday.

“Happy birthday Jan. I thank God for having brought you on my path and on that of my daughters“Osvaldo’s former partner began by saying.

The emotional dedication of Elena Braccini to Gianinna Maradona.  Instagram.

The emotional dedication of Elena Braccini to Gianinna Maradona. Instagram.

“Our relationship was not immediately love, on the contrary, without knowing you, I had so many doubts and I attacked you. And instead you spoke with deeds, not with words, you took care of my daughters as if they were yours, you managed to rebuild a relationship with their father and, through your gestures, you gave everyone so much serenity”.

And he affirmed that “everyone does and thinks what he wants in life, but the greatest form of love is to give love. Words are worthless if deeds and actions speak for themselves. I saw in you a beautiful, sunny soul , funny, rocker, proactive… sometimes melancholic, but always tenacious”.

“Never give up, don’t let anyone bring you down, continue to be who you are, without letting anyone change you. Because that’s why we fell in love with you,” he concluded.

Source: Clarin

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