Fabiana Cantilo told the truth about her relationship with Fito Páez and Charly García

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from Madrid, Fabiana Cantilo was angry at a statement assigned to her in a Catamarca newspaper, about his relationship with Charly García and Fito Páez, and came out to deny those words. “I hate lies,” she assured through her social networks.

The controversy started when The singer posted on her Twitter account capturing a note from the ski with a text quote that presumably matched her: “I could have been mine from Charly, but the asshole didn’t choose me. I went out with Fito because Charly wouldn’t give me a dance. He was a figure and we were kids who wanted to get the idol’s attention.”

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Surprised by the words assigned to her, Cantilo commented on this screenshot: “What? But the denial of the publication that was echoed did not end there.

Traveling through Spain, the famous national rock figure He recorded several videos explaining what his bond with Charly and Fito really was like. A story back in the news thanks to the successful Netflix series, Love after love, which tells the life of the latter.

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In a series of stories he uploaded to his Instagram account, he expressed, “We’re going to clear up this stupidity they’re saying and they’re going to bring it up all over the place: It’s a lie that I was with Fito because Charly didn’t give me a ball, a lie!”

“I chose Fito, do you understand? I will not release any more statements, that stupidity they are saying to corroborate the source because it is a lie,” he told his truth regarding the statement which was published in the Catamarcan newspaper.

As for the media in general, he denounced: “Warn them that much of what’s in that news is lies, especially the headlines. No way was I with Fito cause Charly didn’t give me a ball, Charly gave me a ball, I left it for Fito.”

“The asshole who wrote that can be retracted or stop talking nonsense about people you don’t know. One thing is one thing and another thing is another,” she closed the first part of her defense with a laugh.

Then, he criticized journalism again: “And I say this because I hate lies and the tabloid press is the basis of all the lies combinedto sell the story they nail you… and I’m not used to it, so I won’t watch anymore”.

“I was farting, I was farting for an hour looking at fucking Google, fucking news, be careful. As Luis (Alberto Spinetta) said: ‘Let’s read books’… or finally, watch a good series”revealed how he found this note from an Argentinian media during his trip to Madrid.

“They talk like I’m making a statement, who was the asshole, I have met every idiot in my entire life…”, thus denying having said the phrase assigned to him in the aforementioned portal.

“Journalists have a lot of power, it’s true, and if he’s not a good journalist he does the opposite, offends the artist and the artist is a being of God, you understand?”, he concluded.

Fabiana Cantilo criticized the way her character is shown in the Fito Páez series

early May, the singer released a statement about the series Love after love and how his character is reflected, which has great importance in the plot.

Cantilo has posted a series of videos on his networks, expressing his opinion on fiction based on true events. “First statement about the series… Besides doing choruses for Fito and doing choruses for Luis, I’ve had a life and a career,” he clarified.

In the series

In the series “Love after love”, the character of Fabiana Cantilo has a leading role. Television capture

After his statements quickly went viral, he assured that all is well with the creators of the series: “Several people have spoken to me on the phone… I’m not angry, I’m happy. What happens is that what my life is like, I enjoyed clarifying that in the series we see that I go and come back to Fito, and in those that I go and come I recorded, I rehearsed with many people…”.

In this sense, he added that he was satisfied with the series and its impact: “Noada, I’m super happy with everything, because it’s really crazy to see your own lifeYou can’t explain it, it’s like very rare”.

Source: Clarin

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