Harsh leave from Melody Luz after the criticisms received for her lifestyle: “The disastrous is to leave behind”

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A few days after the arrival of her first child, Vincentfruit of her relationship with Alex Caniggia, dancer and former participant of The celebrity hotel, melodic lightshared a strong release on his social networks, detaching himself from the media in his fight against L-Gante and throwing a stick at his partner.

In detail, even the dance teacher of Villa Lynchgame of Saint martinwrote an open letter on her Instagram Stories in which she spoke about her principles

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“The rings that will come from Conurbano never fall and will never fall, like so many other artists”he began by saying.

Melody Luz spoke to her Instagram followers and pointed out the "retrograde" media.

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Melody Luz spoke to her Instagram followers and pointed out the “retrograde” media.

And followed: “I am not ashamed to be seen walking in the pedestrian street Belgrano de San Martín nor to go around the Abasto or buy used clothes for vintage fairs, which I love very much. Not even for having eaten the best pastafrola made by my mother on my birthdays and even less for not having celebrated it in style”.

“I love having enough self-confidence to show myself without makeup, without combing my hair, without sucking anyone’s stockings if I feel like it. Always proud of who I am and where I’m from!“I conclude with that first black and white plaque with which he surprised his parents world of fans.

Alessandro Caniggia's girlfriend wrote a strong statement on their networks.

Alessandro Caniggia’s girlfriend wrote a strong statement on their networks.

And in a second account he clarified: “It’s great that the media is changing. With boys and girls full of good vibes, without the intention of trying to humiliate or denigrate those in front of them either in a service or in a journalistic note”.

“It’s the new generations who join hands to grow and don’t try to step on heads… Gradually, all that is misogynistic, retrograde and disastrous is left behindfewer and fewer people are consuming them and more and more are being held up for what they are, a horror,” said Mariana Nannis’ daughter-in-law.

“We are doing well! There is still a long way to go, but little by little we see the change,” added the dancer. And before closing that letter, he added: “PS. Because I already know them, what people close to me (by Alex Caniggia) say they blame that person, not me. Just because it’s close doesn’t mean we always think the same thing or agree on everything.”

Melody also revealed her differences with Alex.

Melody also revealed her differences with Alex.

Alex’s fight with L-Gante and messages to Melody on the networks

For those who aren’t aware, last week Alex once again starred in a strong crossover with L-Ghentwhich he defined on several occasions as “fat”, “turkey”, and many other qualifiers in reference to his social class and place of birth.

“Though the monkey wears silk, the monkey remains”voiced the son of Mariana Nannis and Claudio the bird Caniggia in an Instagram story along with a photo of singer Cumbia and Wanda Nara at the Gardel Awards. And she also asked her followers: “Who drips more fat? L-Gante or Wanda”.

“When your father accepts you, we accept criticism”the creator of the Cumbia 420 furiously replied.

L-Gante's response to Alex Caniggia's offensive post.

L-Gante’s response to Alex Caniggia’s offensive post.

But the media didn’t stay silent and attacked their networks: “My queen mother and my old man raised me in EuropeYour old man left you as a boy to have a face like an opa. You don’t even know how to express yourself, how much your falopa hurts You also see Wanda cute, but you wear her in white and she’s a washing machine.”

On the other hand, the chauffeur’s girlfriend The usual strangers (El Trece, 5:30pm) caused a stir in one of the latest family posts he posted on his Twitter account. instagramspecifically in which he made days ago on the occasion of his 26th birthday.

Charlotte, Melody and Alex at the ballerina's birthday.

Charlotte, Melody and Alex at the ballerina’s birthday.

It is that in those photos that Melody uploaded to her networks, the austere decoration of the living room of her parents’ house was appreciated, as well as the simplicity of the dishes served or the pastries presented.

“Who would have thought that the Caniggias would have had a normal life with people from the suburbs?”“A birthday like all families, simple, with the family, homemade food on the daily plate like we all do…”, “It seems to me a very simple family, How nice for Alex, maybe it was what he needed, a normal family”, were some of the messages of good vibes left to the dancer in said publication.

Source: Clarin

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