With Alberto Cormillot on the road, Estefanía Pasquini recounted the complicated days she lived with her son: “Week to forget”

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He has had difficult days Stephanie Pasquini together with his son Emilio (born in 2021), because both were ill and could not count on the assistance of Dr. alberto corillotwho was out of the country for a medical convention.

Celebrating the return of Cormillot, who was at an obesity meeting in Dublin, Ireland, Pasquini shared a post on his Instagram account in which He detailed what he experienced in recent days.

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With a photo of the three of them together, highlighting that she and her son are already in good health, she said: “Today she returned after a week of congress, a week that was very difficult for the three of us, the distance, Emilio was sick and then it spread to me, I was scared alone with Emilio”.

“Wake up occasionally at night to make sure you’re breathing wellmy mother was sick and unable to help me, my father also made it difficult for me to function at 30%,” said Pasquini.

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Instagram post by Estefanía Pasquini.

Instagram post by Estefanía Pasquini.

“Week to forget”acknowledged Pasquini, who then highlighted how important Cormillot’s presence is for her and for her son: “Happy as never having you with us again, what we miss and need has no name, the hugs, the cuddles, the shared dinners, the little time in bed with games before going to sleep between the three of us, we are finally together and we are getting better around here”.

The nutritionist then thanked for the support received from family and friends in these difficult days.

“Anyway, I don’t want to be ungrateful, I thank the people who were present these days, friends who asked for us and gave their support. Ana working at home at the foot of the canyon and @adrocormillot (Editor’s note: Adrián Cormillot’s Instagram account) listening to our lungs. Thanks for the occupation with your brother and mother,” he said.

Stephanie Pasquini and Alberto Cormillot.  Photo: Instagram.

Stephanie Pasquini and Alberto Cormillot. Photo: Instagram.

In the publication, Estefanía has amassed a large number of likes and messages of encouragement and celebrating that the family is reunited and healthy again.

A publication sparked pregnancy rumors and then Estefanía Pasquini came out to clarify them in dialogue with Clarín

Pasquini, who married Cormillot in December 2019 and became Emilio’s mother in 2021, published a message a few days ago that many interpreted as meaning that she was pregnant again.

On Instagram, the nutritionist shared an image of the Virgen de la Dulce Espera, which protects those women who are going through a pregnancy. “15th, day of the Virgin of sweet expectation”she wrote, next to a yellow heart emoji.

The publication that Estefanía Pasquini shared and sparked the rumors.  Instagram.

The publication that Estefanía Pasquini shared and sparked the rumors. Instagram.

consulted by clarion, Pasquini admitted that she was surprised by the versions and then clarified that she was not pregnant. And she explained that she shared her image because she is devoted to the Virgin of sweet expectation. “Every month I put something on his day and I usually go to say thank you”he clarified.

And she added about her experience: “It took me years to get pregnant… They told me it was impossible… And when you no longer know what to hold on to… And I felt that the Virgin gave me hope… It was the only treatment that worked for me.”

Source: Clarin

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