Ernesto Tenembaum was the victim of a scam: how his WhatsApp was hacked and how much money they asked for in his name

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Ernesto Tenembaum he recounted this on Monday on his show And now who can help us?leading Radio with Vos (FM 89.9), as was the scam he suffered at the end of last week and that ended with the hacking your WhatsApp account.

“I will speak for a minute and a half every clock and then they tell me “you’re an asshole” no problem“The journalist anticipated his cycle mates before starting to tell in detail what had happened to him.

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And he began: “Friday, half past ten, I’m leaving here. Around half past eleven I returned home, rather tired, as always happens to me at that hour, and I see a call coming into the car screen and I make the mistake of answering. Someone tells me, in a voice that I later understood to be distorted ‘sir, we are talking about the Ministry of Health'”.

“Oh, no, what a gil. I won’t let you talk for a minute and a half”, was interrupted, laughing, by his teammate Gustavo Grabia. But at the urging of Tamara Pettinato, also in the studio, Tenembaum went ahead.

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The Tenembaum scam happened last Friday right after his radio show.

The Tenembaum scam happened last Friday right after his radio show.

“We want to let you know the Ministry of Health is distributing a vaccination card which will be required to be able to go to certain places,” said the journalist, which was the excuse with which they deceived him.

So, Tenembaum explained it They started asking him various questions related to the coronavirus, such as how many vaccines he had received and what kind. Until at one point they asked him where he wanted to collect the new credential and since he asked for it to be sent to his home, they took the opportunity to scam him.

“Right now you have a code on your mobile that we have just sent you, look at the screen and pass it to me”, they asked. And after dictating exactly the message that had come to him, they asked him something that would make him understand that he was being deceived: “Now keep driving and leave your phone unplugged”they told them.

Then when you get home, Tenembaum tried to connect to WhatsApp and failed again, because it was hacked with that message that he himself had provided. “Moral: don’t give any codes,” the reporter asked his listeners.

How the scam continued from the WhatsApp hack

Once in possession of the WhatsApp account, the scammers started asking their contacts for money. “Immediately, phone calls began to arrive informing me that they were asking for money on my behalf”explained Tenembaum, who was immediately advised by his sons.

“Two people fell. One was able to quickly realize and canceled the transfer which was made for 75,000 pesos” He also told of the sums of money they started requesting in his name. “And the other one that fell was Yami (a person close to her radio milieu), she made a comment on a note before we left, I had just replied and that’s where it happened, then she thought it was me,” he said. she explained and told her sent 120 thousand.

Source: Clarin

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