The “Potro” Rodrigo Bueno, 50 years after his birth: an intense life, absolute success and his entry into the Club of 27

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Rodrigo Alejandro Bueno was born on May 14, 1973 and from the age of two it became clear that he was going to devote himself to music: he sang in a TV show with La Mona Jiménez.

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Today I would be 50 years old and since her young death she has been a true icon of popular music.

Rodrigo, an idol forever.

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Rodrigo, an idol forever.

Their first steps

After that first appearance in the Fiesta de cuarteto program, Rodrigo recorded an album of children’s songs and released it when he was five years old..

During his pre-teens he collaborated with the band Chébere in a few shows and without hesitation he dropped out of school. You took a test to join the band black cloakwhere he sang for several years but without major repercussions.

finally his father he decided to try to start his solo career in Buenos Airesand in 1987 he released his first album, The photo of your bodywhich was followed Learn to live, which he presented live with the emblematic dancer Fantástico Bailable. Suddenly he was recognized in the tropical music scene.

The colt Rodrigo fanatico de Belgrano de Córdoba.  Photo courtesy of the Voice from Inside

The colt Rodrigo fanatico de Belgrano de Córdoba. Photo courtesy of the Voice from Inside

In 1995 he released his album Tasty on the Sony Music label, but signed with Magenta Discos the following year, without realizing it the contract only gave him 1% of the royalties for record sales.

He tried making salsa and meringue, until he realized it was cool, it was the quartetand thus achieved radio success, national fame and awards for records such as The Best of Love, The Legend Continues AND to quarter.

A meteor boom

Rodrigo the foal during a press conference.

Rodrigo the foal during a press conference.

In December 1999, Rodrigo released the album to 2000which he promoted with a series of three sold-out concerts at the Astral theatre.

His manager José Luis Gozalo reached an agreement with Azul TV and the Atlántida editorial staff to relaunch the album on magazine newsstands, in the “reviposter” format, and the success multiplied nationwide.

He went on a summer tour with 49 recitals, with milestones such as singing in front of 100,000 people in Mar del Plata. In April, he ratified his convening power with 13 shows at the Luna Parksetting a stadium record. His look with boxing shorts and dressing gown went down in history.

His show at Luna Park

His show at Luna Park

At that point in his career, Rodrigo was doing between 25 and 30 concerts a week, between clubs, television and events. He never stopped. He lived intensely.

Start of June traveled to Cuba to meet Diego Armando Maradonaone of his idols, to whom he dedicated the hit The hand of God. Rodrigo was at the peak of his popularity.

the fatal accident

With its classic red plaque and the terrible phrase “Muir el Potro”, Crónica TV broke the news, a few minutes after 5 in the morning on June 24, 2000, a very sad dawn in Argentina.

He died in an accident on his way back to Buenos Aires after giving a show at the City Bell. Rodrigo, 27, also died in the crash Fernando Olmedo -son of Alberto Olmedo-, who accompanied the singer in the red Ford Explorer truck.

Rodrigo's truck.

Rodrigo’s truck.

In the same car were his ex-wife Patricia Pacheco, and their 4-year-old son Ramiro, who were unharmed, as well as Alberto Pereira and Jorge Moreno, who suffered some injuries.

The event occurred at 3:20 in the morning, between kilometers 24 and 25 of the La Plata-Buenos Aires highway, at the height of Ezpeleta. According to witnesses, the accident occurred when, after passing the toll booth, in the middle of a sharp bend, the vehicle driven by Rodrigo was overtaken by a white Blazer 4×4 with tinted windows which, once ahead, blocked the traffic passage. red van

Rodrigo lost control and his vehicle rolled onto the sidewalk several times. The singer, who was not wearing a seat belt, was fired and hit his head on the sidewalkwhich caused his death instantly.

Meanwhile Olmedo, who also fell from the truck, suffered serious blows to the chest and abdomen. Transferred to Evita Pueblo hospital, he died 40 minutes later.

The pain of El Potro fans on June 24, 2000.

The pain of El Potro fans on June 24, 2000.

The first reports established that, at the beginning of the rollovers, the front and rear doors would have opened, causing the victims to fall.

More details of his last hours

Eight hours before his death, at 5pm on Friday June 23, Rodrigo went to Channel 13 to record a load of The Bible and the Stovetogether with the remembered Jorge Guinzburg.

El Potro looked gorgeous with his hair dyed blue. He was consecrated. He was wearing black leather boots, light denim pants, a black T-shirt and a red leather jacket. Thus dressed, at 10 pm that same evening, he went to eat at El Corralón, the famous bodegón located between Anchorena and Av. Córdoba.

Then I had to give the bailanta a show Dance scandalfrom City Bell, then finished dinner and got into his red Ford Explorer pickup at midnight, after snapping photos with several club patrons.

He left with the mother of his son, Patricia Pacheco, their son, Ramiro, and Fernando Olmedo, whom he invites to participate in the recital. His musicians followed in another truck. Between 1:15 and 3 in the morning, Rodrigo sang all of his hits for the last time: Eight forty, reserved love, I’m Cordovan, paid love, you’ll miss me, a long way to heaven

Then the tragedy.

On the side of the road, a few meters from the crash site, El Potro fans started leaving flowers and letters. San Rodrigo was beginning to be born, a pagan saint with an altar in Berazategui.

The Circle 27

The 27 Club is an informal list made up mostly of famous musicians, artists, actors and other celebrities who have died at the age of 27.

Rodrigo joined this infamous list which includes Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Janis Joplin and Brian Jonesof the Rolling Stones.

Source: Clarin

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