He has seven children and burst into tears when he won three million from Guido Kaczka: “The Lord gave it to me”

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Juan Gomezthe electrician of Dark and father of 7 boys who this Wednesday appeared at The 8 steps of the 3 million (El Trece, 9.30 pm) with the illusion of reaching the final, he not only made it, but also champion was consecrated. And the emotion was such that burst into tears and dedicated the award to his family and to God.

The man who he has been married for 22 years with Martha and leads a large family, he started the game talking about his profession, and gradually progressed to the final.

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“Which Argentine province is a pioneer in the cultivation and scientific research for the medicinal use of the cannabis plant?”, was the question that gave the Moreno resident the first step of the podium this Wednesday. And out of all the available options, he chose the correct one, Jujuy, unlike Lucyhis opponent, who said Entre Ríos.

Juan, excited, after winning the game.  Television capture

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Juan, excited, after winning the game. Television capture

“Juan Gómez, three million pesos, the three million are yours, you won it in full!! The biggest prize for Juan Gómez, Juan Gómez the winner, congratulations Juan, many congratulations”, the driver celebrated loudly, Guido Kaczkaonce the participant’s triumph is consummated.

And alluding to his wife, he said: “How will Martha be?”. “Happy, and my daughters even more so,” Juan replied between laughter and tears welling up in his eyes with emotion.

“Daiana, Laura, Martín, Luana, Zaira, Selena, Lucía”, Guido introduced them. And he added: “Twenty-two years of marriage with Marta, they met in churchand your sister María Rosa will also be a girl.”

The brand new champion of "The 8 steps from 3 million" with his symbolic check.  Television capture

The brand new champion of “The 8 steps from 3 million” with his symbolic check. Television capture

To which the contestant expressed with emotion: “This was given to me by the Lord, it comes from above.” And, immediately afterwards, he confirmed that he wanted to return for the 6 million.

Before consecrating himself on the podium, the participant had said: “This show brought the family together. We find ourselves with our seven children in the room where we have the television”. Those words reached Guido’s heart, who movedly agreed with a profound silence.

The solidarity work of Juan Gómez, the new champion of “The 8 Steps

At the start of the match, Juan Gómez said: “I am an electrician and I teach electricity for free to people who don’t know anything, who are afraid of electricity and I help them get rid of that fear”.

Juan Gómez holds free electricity courses.  Television capture

Juan Gómez holds free electricity courses. Television capture

“And how can it not be scary, if it can give you a shock… Better not to touch if you don’t know how!”Guido told him with his characteristic humour.

“So if you don’t know I teach you all the tricks because if something happens to you at home at dawn, you can fix that breakdown right away so you can have electricity until the next day and you can call someone,” explained the worker, who learned the trade thanks to his uncle Luis.

“Do you teach this? The greatest teaching a person can receive in this life because you can never solve the electricity problem by yourself,” added the driver, surprised. “If possible”, Juan assured, but not before reminding that these courses are given “for free”.

Source: Clarin

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