Morena Rial hinted that she was introducing her new boyfriend, but it was actually a hoax: what happened

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Did you want to fool everyone? Just days after publicly confirming that she was meeting someone in love, Morena Rial published in his short stories instagram several photos with his “Love”thus surprising his followers.

In detail, the daughter of George Rial He shared several pictures this Thursday morning with a handsome young man with black hair and blue eyes named Pablo Verxelitakiknown for his work as a stylist and his relationship with various celebrities in the industry, such as Wanda Nara AND Carlotta Caniggia.

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First of all, brunette She uploaded a photo of a flan con dulce de leche that she was apparently sharing with him, who came out in the background tasting the same dessert. And besides being overwhelmed, he commented on that post with a red heart.

Morena Rial and Pablo Verxelitaki's dinner.

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Morena Rial and Pablo Verxelitaki’s dinner.

But that wasn’t all. Is that seconds later, the driver’s daughter of Argentzuela (C5N, 3pm) reposted a photo that Verxelitaki himself had uploaded to his Instagram Stories with her. And as if that weren’t enough, the young woman commented: “I love you love”.

Morena Rial with a

Morena Rial with a friend who she introduced as her “love”.

Later, Morena uploaded another postcard that the hairdresser had posted and it read: “Dinner with my Love”. To which she added, as if in love: “My baby”.

Those messages of love confused the followers of the mother of Francesco Benicioonly nephew of the presenter of intruders (America, at 13).

Pablo Verxelitaki and Morena Rial confused their Instagram followers.

Pablo Verxelitaki and Morena Rial confused their Instagram followers.

“I’m a fire”, “I love” and “How cute”, were just some of the good vibes messages which they left Verxelitaki in said publication.

The truth is, in that post, the guy wrote: “Always a pleasure to share with you friend @moreerial”assuming that his connection with the media is purely and exclusively friendly.

Indeed, young people he has been happily married for months with a guy who proposed to her this Thursday morning on the Puente de la Mujer, in Puerto Madero.

Pablo Verxelitaki and his boyfriend.

Pablo Verxelitaki and his boyfriend.

“My boyfriend surprised me yesterday asking a tourist to take a picture of us and that happened,” the famous hairdresser revealed on his networks along with a video of the precise moment his partner asked for his hand. “Clearly I don’t fall, but they don’t know how good it was”he added excitedly.

More Rial's friend got engaged to her boyfriend.  Television capture

More Rial’s friend got engaged to her boyfriend. Television capture

Who is Morena Rial’s new boyfriend?

Since his separation from the maximumfrom which he lost a pregnancy nearly five months of gestation last year, More Rial has not shown himself with any other man.

However, weeks ago, during a note with THEY (America, aged 20), Rocío’s older sister confirmed that she has put the single behind her.

“Are you in a relationship today, are you dating anyone?” asked the reporter of the cycle conducted by Ángel de Brito. To which she replied, “Yes, I’m in a relationship.” “So? Living together?” The reporter asked for more.

“I’m not going to give too many details. Not yet,” Morena assured that her father still did not know him. “What am I missing to meet him?” asked the mobile worker.

Morena Rial said she is dating but doesn't want her father to meet him.  Television capture

Morena Rial said she is dating but doesn’t want her father to meet him. Television capture

“She won’t meet him yet, we’re fine… the relationship is super stable but I don’t mix anymore. My relationship on one side, my father on the other. At some point it will happen, we will sit down at the table, everything is fine but (now) my relationship with my partner, with my partner, and what I have with my father, with my father,” he concluded emphatically.

Source: Clarin

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