Argentinian director Andy Muschietti opens his mouth and spoils what was the secret cameo in ‘The Flash’

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michael keton isn’t the only blast from the past by DC Comics in the upcoming Warner Bros superhero film, Fastwhere he will don the Batman suit again.

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During an interview, the director of the film, the Argentine Andy Muschietti (“It”)revealed that Nicolas Cage He will make a cameo in the film as Superman.

The Flash is DC's new bet to be successful at the box office with its superheroes.

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The Flash is DC’s new bet to be successful at the box office with its superheroes.

The big surprise

Such a revelation is shocking news to comic book movie fans, and Cage knows what it is because he would have played the lead in the failed Superman livesFrom Tim Burton 25 years ago.

Cage is fed up with Superman. And he loves comics too.”added Muschetti.

Nicolas Cage fans know of his love for the Superman character. “Not only did he intend to play the superhero in Burton’s failed project, but he also named his son after him KalEl, in reference to Superman’s name on his home planet of Krypton,” they said online.

The Flash is coming and there is more and more anticipation for the premiere.

The Flash is coming and there is more and more anticipation for the premiere.

It remains to be seen what the Superman of oscar actor of leaving Vegas. How will it affect the texture of THE Fast? The film is set in the multiverse of CCwhich explains the return of Michael Keaton as Batman/Bruce Wayne for the first time since he starred in Batman (1989) and Batman returns (1992), both by Tim Burton.

Ben Affleck will also reprise his role as Batman/Bruce Wayne from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice AND Justice Leagueby Zack Snyder.

With two versions of Batman’s Superman and Nicolas Cage now confirmed for The Flash, there’s no telling how many more cameos from the multiverse will be waiting in the folder for this movie.

A long-haired superman

After launching the Batman film series for Warner Bros., Tim Burton focuses his attention on Superman, in 1998, with the project of Superman lives. The film was written by Kevin Smith and focuses on Superman’s fight against Doomsday.

“He was more of an 80s Superman with the samurai with long black hairCage recently said of his failed Superman attempt. “I thought he was going to be a very different Superman, kind of emobut we never got there.”

Cage and his Superman had a particular history: the choice of the actor as the protagonist aroused reactions of all kinds. Many of the negative rumors spoken didn’t point so much to his acting prowess as to the fact that he supposedly didn’t have the profile to step into the shoes of a superhero.

The official poster of The Flash.

The official poster of The Flash.

His role kicked up the same dust as Michael Keaton’s name when he signed him to play Batman. Or what happened, many years later, when gal gadot she put herself in the shoes of Wonder Woman (forever Linda Carter).

During the same interview, Cage said: “I don’t need to be in the Universe Marvel: I’m Nic Cage. I may not need the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I’ve finally come full circle after 25 years of waiting.”

Muschietti concluded: “Nic was absolutely wonderful. Even though the role was a cameo, he was immersed in it.” He adds, “I’ve dreamed of working with him my whole life. I hope I can do it again soon.”

Source: Clarin

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