Nacha Guevara attacks everyone: L-Gante, Susana Giménez, Mirtha Legrand, the pickets and the trap

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Nacha Guevara, at 82, is still as combative as ever. In THEY (America, at 20), the cycle led by Ángel De Brito, showed their new song “I’m very tired” whose lyrics shoot against L-Gante, Susana Giménez, Mirtha Legrand, the musical genre of trapand the picketsamong other whites.

The actress, singer and director has just premiered the show “Nacha en pijama” at the Astros Theater. There she performs three of the songs that she composed especially for the album that she plans to release next month. In one of them “I’m very tired”, lists all those people, things and situations that she is sick of.

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Nacha Guevara is not silent in his show "Nacha en pajama".  Catch TV.

Nacha Guevara is not silent in his show “Nacha en pajama”. Catch TV.

Among other darts, the song’s lyrics throw the following: “I got tired of hearing so much nonsense / I got tired of eating salad / I’m tired of Mirtha and Susana/ I got tired of traps and ballads“.

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And, apparently, he also got tired of cumbia 420. Or at least, of his main referent, since in another verse he says: “I got tired of L-Gante and his teeth“.

In Nacha’s new song, the piqueteros also flirt with her. “I got tired of seeing so many pickets/ I got tired of the cargo not arriving,” the song says.

At LAM they showed the lyrics of the new song "I

At LAM they showed the lyrics of the new song “I’m very tired” by Nacha Guevara. Catch TV.

The other two songs from his upcoming album that Nacha Guevara anticipates in his stage show are “80 y cantando” -which refers to his age and the way he experiences the passing years- and “Andate al carajo”, which alludes to the abusers.

Nacha had already made statements against Susana Giménez: “She is not an international star”

A few days ago, Nacha Guevara had already referred to Susana Giménez and her statements sparked a controversy. At the time, the singer questioned the very critical opinions that the presenter usually makes public about Argentina’s political and economic reality.

In “Authentic Polino”, the cycle hosted by Marcelo Polino on Radio Mitre, Nacha referred to Susana’s decision to settle in Uruguay. “Everyone has the right to live where he wants”, she began by saying. If you’ve made your money legitimately, you can live wherever you want, give it away, or buy ten mink coats; Do what you want”.

Nacho Guevara criticized Susana Giménez and generated controversy.  Video capture.

Nacho Guevara criticized Susana Giménez and generated controversy. Video capture.

Then, succinctly, he commented: “But I don’t like it when he criticizes Argentina, which has given him so much.” “Why Susana is what she is thanks to Argentina -held-. She not an international star. So I don’t like it there.”

In the context of Nacha’s criticism of Susana, the phrase in her theme song in which she says she is tired of Susana is understandable. But, as they said in the report presented in THEYit is more strange that he also alludes to Mirtha Legrand since in “Authentic Polino”, when asked about the host of the legendary television dinners, Guevara had kind words for her.

Referring to Mirtha Legrand, on Marcelo Polino’s radio show, Nacha said: “I get along with her, I love her. We write to each other often. After, for periods, no”.

And after pointing out that Chiquita is different on screen than in everyday life, she added: “In private, it’s very different. He’s much more affectionate, relaxed. I send you a kiss. I say she is a celebrity activist. She hasn’t stopped being a star.”

Source: Clarin

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