An intimate video of Martina Stewart has been leaked: the ex Big Brother has assured that it was recorded without her consent

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in the last hours a controversial video of Martina Stewart Usher has been leaked in an apparent threesome with her boyfriend, Uriel Martini, and another woman. Social networks have exploded and many have assured that the situation would have been armed by the former participant of Big Brother (Telefe), who has now broken the silence and explained what happened.

The video, which was posted on the magazine’s website Wow, that’s too short. In it, we see a woman filming herself with her cell phone camera and in the background we see Martina sleeping next to her partner in a bed.

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The media spoke for the portal TN show and assured that the woman is an entrepreneur who has brought some trade to her home. According to Martina, to thank her for her gesture, she invited her to stay at a meeting with her friends at her house, which K di lei attended.Ennys Palaciosdear friend and stylist of Wanda Nara.

The story that Martina shared on her Instagram account.

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The story that Martina shared on her Instagram account.

Stewart Usher shared on his Instagram account, where he accumulates just over 400,000 followers, a series of stories with images from last Wednesday night. As you can see in his videos of him, he met up with friends to have a barbecue and have a few drinks before the long weekend.

Martina, from Big Brother: “The mine is sick in the head”

Apparently, the host, who is called Laura Puchettiallegedly took the opportunity to generate the material that went viral this Thursday. “The mine is wrong in the head. This psych walked into my room, I don’t know what the hell”the former “little sister” told the aforementioned portal.

When asked if she was considering filing a lawsuit against the host, Martina assured her she wasn’t “because the mine must want fame and with my boyfriend we are setting up a company here”. “I don’t have the time or the desire to put energy into this, the truth,” she said.

Martina and her boyfriend.  Instagram photos.

Martina and her boyfriend. Instagram photos.

It should be noted that in these days it is being defined who will be the participants of the dance 2023which will be broadcast on American screens with the conduct of Marcello Tinelli. And there are a lot of exes Big Brother who are campaigning to be able to perform on the most famous track.

Juan Reverditofor example, he starred in a tough fight with Juliana Diaz and Massimiliano Giudici for some parades in which they asked the conductor to participate in the dance competition.

There are other former participants of Big Brother which are already confirmed, as in the case of Walter Santiagopopularly known as Alpha, Thomas Ownerwho was the first eliminated in the recent edition of the reality show, Coty Romero and her boyfriend Alexis Quiroga, better known as El Conejo.

In the networks, many have accused Martina of promoting her image to be called into question by the production of the Dance.

The young native of Zona Norte was one of the most controversial participants in the edition of Big Brother led by Santiago Del Moro. Since the beginning of the reality show, she has been heavily criticized for an unfortunate sentence that she had said about her in her video presentation of her, in which she assured that bisexual people gave her “disgust”.

“Personally, I like boys. And girls don’t appeal to me at all. I don’t get that about bisexuality. It hurts a little. Rare. To be analysed”, Martina had said before entering the Telefe programme.

Source: Clarin

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