María Becerra has confirmed that she does not accept trades: the reason for her decision

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Unlike many figures in between, Maria Becerraone of the greatest exponents of the urban genre, does not make changes. And, in the last few hours, the particular reason for which the young artist does not accept to receive gifts or invitations.

According to the sayings of Stephanie Berardi In very morning (Ciudad Magazine, at 10), the 23-year-old singer appeared weeks ago at Saint Louis and “she pushed herself so hard in rehearsal” that she was injured.

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“He’s super picky with his work and he said to the choreographer ‘let’s take another pass, let’s take another pass’. And one day he woke up and he started having some pain in his knee as can happen to any professional who tries so hard”, specified the speaker of the cycle conducted by Carmen Barbieri.

And he went on to say: “They told him from the organization ‘we found you a kinesiologist to give you some mobility’. The problem is, they didn’t know the kinesiologist because he wasn’t on his team, but they took him on the outside, and he was a super young 23-year-old kid.”

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María Becerra does not trade, she prefers to pay "so that there are no problems".

María Becerra does not trade, she prefers to pay “so that there are no problems”.

The speaker, who communicated with the singer’s environment, ensured that the professional was “choluleó” and he wanted to “make friends with Maria at all costs”.

“A massage to relax a muscle lasts 15 minutes. He stayed 40. She, who is divine, left him. Maybe she never broke down, but at one point she said to him: “Don’t you load me into your stories promoting that I’m a kinesiologist?”Bernardi said.

And he explained: “He can’t do it either because his networks have to communicate his music and It doesn’t pass as being supportive because it contributes to many other causes. But it was a lot of fun because he became friends and the order came last.”

That said, the little angel said that too “María Becerra always pays at the places she goes to eat and sometimes the clothes she wears are rented but she pays the rent. It’s not like she makes a trade.”

“Sometimes it also happens that some brands, as they are dying to prove that María Becerra rented them, upload the photo and put ‘María Becerra wore our clothes’. But it is wrong because the use of the image is paidyou cannot use the image to sell,” the speaker added.

And he closed: “Sometimes, all the same, Maria doesn’t even know it, but she has her team behind her who communicate to tell them that it can’t be done… She exploded four years ago, she’s very young and He always pays for everything because he prefers to make sure there are no problems”.

María Becerra’s word on her stance on swaps

Pay attention to everything circulating on the net about his life, Maria Becerra he reacted to a tweet of the news he had given Estefi Berardi and of her he said: “Always pay everything: they revealed that María Becerra is anti-trade”.

“100% true hahaha. I always pay for everything”confirmed the interpreter of Automatic when reacting to said message amidst laughter.

María Becerra confirmed Estefanía Berardi's version.

María Becerra confirmed Estefanía Berardi’s version.

“I think it’s a great love”“Bella, that’s why we love you”, “I love her, I would be the same” and “Finally Berardi throws out information and the artist confirms it”were just some of the comments made by the artist’s fans under his commentary.

Source: Clarin

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